Strapless freestyle is a very demanding sport – both for the rider and  for the gear. F-One needed to answer to their riders’ needs and did so by building a board which would help them land the tricks they’ve been training for months while resisting to the harshest landings and crashes.
At 2.3 kg (5lbs), the Magnet Carbon is the lightest kite strapless board ever built. Using a technology able to resist to the most extreme tricks, this board sticks to your feet throughout the whole jump  and provides huge comfort and control thanks to its exclusive slim profile which immediately improves your riding skills.

The SLIM Tech process uses a high strength foam core material to reduce board thickness dramatically. This core is then wrapped entirely by a carbon fiber skin. All of the skin layers are carefully laid and vacuum-bagged for minimum weight and maximum fiber efficiency. Direct benefits are multiple:
Reduced weight, increased strength, better flex.
Learn more about the Magnet Carbon HERE.
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