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We all have dreams of flight as would watch a birds gliding through a thermal and a hydrofoil is one of the closest ways we can turn this sensation of flight into a reality. That’s why Ride Engine called their designated kitefoil board the Bird Machine. They built a board that they would all ride. Not too big to get in the way and not too small to make things hard. Smart design with precise rail chines, a bottom shape that breaks surface tension promoting deflection, a more kicked nose to achieve early planning and eliminate nose pearling and a kick tail that allows you to pump efficiently though the lulls — all in a strong, lightweight construction.

Learn more about the Bird Machine and other foil board options in our new Foil Instructional Guide. Comprised of two guides in one: the wingsurfing instructional chapters walk you through the basic concepts of wingsurfing, navigating gear purchasing, outlines major mistakes to avoid, and offers up clear and concise instructional tutorials on basic to advanced wingsurfing moves. Sign up for FREE digital access HERE.