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With two disciplines packed into one convenient guide, you can unlock the gear and technique secrets to both kitefoiling and wingsurfing in one easy-to-read digital package. 

The Kitefoil segment of of our Foil Instructional Guide takes you all the way from beginner to advanced, walking you through the latest gear options and helping you select the right equipment before introducing the basics and providing tips and techniques to help you score your first rides. Once you’re up and foiling, our skill tutorials are chocked full of pointers and suggestions to take you step by step all the way into advanced freeride foiling.

  • Choosing the Right Gear
  • Types of Foils and Constructions
  • Types of Kites for Foiling
  • Setting Up Your Foil
  • Placement of the Foil
  • Tips for Foil Kite Rigging
  • Variable Length School Masts
  • Five Mistakes to Avoid
  • Carrying a Foilboard
  • Choosing the Ideal Location
  • First Rides
  • The Non-Foiling Session
  • Steering Control
  • Speed and Power Control
  • Carving
  • Foil Jibe
  • Foil Tack
  • Foil Duck Tack
  • Around the World
  • Jumping
  • Foiling Waves With A Kite

What’s inside?

Wingsurfing is a brand new sport with a ton of equipment and technique secrets locked up in the minds of the first adopters. In the Wingsurfing segment of our Foil Instructional Guide, we deciphered the design features offered in first and second generation equipment as well as mined the collective experience of the sport’s most talented athletes to bring you the most comprehensive cheat sheet for choosing the right gear and getting a leg up on your first wingsurfing sessions.

Tkb’s Wing Instructional Guide includes topics on:

  • Choosing the Right Gear
  • Wing Anatomy
  • Selecting a Wing
  • Selecting the Right Board
  • Selecting a Foil
  • Five Mistakes to Avoid While Learning
  • Getting Started on Land
  • The First Water Session
  • Three Kinds of Pumping
  • Jibe
  • Chasing Down Swells in Hover Mode
  • Around the World 360
  • Duck Tack
  • Jumping

What’s inside?

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