SLINGSHOT Dwarf Craft Micro
Sizes Available: 3’6″ x 17.5″ x 1.2″, 10.8L
Sizes Tested: 3’6″ x 17.5″ x 1.2″, 10.8L

Slingshot Says:

A thinner version of the standard Dwarf Craft 3’6”, the Micro is the lightest, most agile and most direct feeling kite foil board in our lineup. While not specifically for advanced riders, it’s best suited for people who have their footwork and transitions fairly well dialed first.

When you’re up and riding, the end of this stubby little board is just past your front foot, giving you the dreamy sensation of gliding over the water on a magic carpet. The shorter length also gives you more leverage and control for pumping, carving and the playful heel-toe freeriding that most foilers gravitate toward. It’s also a no-brainer for traveling.

If you are an intermediate to advanced foiler that is ready to travel with your new lightweight and compact board.

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Tkb Says:

Slingshot’s line of foil decks just got better for the advanced foiler with a super wafer-thin version that is called the Dwarf Craft Micro. The regular Dwarf Craft range spans models from 4’7” down to 3’6”, but now there’s the micro version that shares the same length as the smallest board in that line. The Micro features a slightly narrower outline and significantly thinner foam core that lowers the volume by almost 9 liters. It has a round template that puts the wide point right in the middle of the board, tight rails with solid chine and very little rocker but for a subtle lift in the nose. The deck offers your feet a subtle concave control surface and features a full-length corduroy deck pad with a tail kick. This deck comes with inserts; four placement options for the front strap and three for the back. Because the board is so short, the track for the mast is butted right up against the tail of the board and features a nice visual indicator to ensure you mount your mast in the perfect spot every time.

Just to be clear, this is a no compromises board for Slingshot’s team riders with its super low volume and small surface area that offers the ultimate in fast aggressive team riding. The Dwarf Craft Micro is meant for those with A-game kite and foil skills. Waterstarts can be tricky with such a small board  — the board has no volume to push against your feet (turn the foil upside down and the wing in the air will sink the board) and the limited surface area means that you need perfect kite control, balance and board feel for waterstarts. The flat deck with its super subtle kick in the nose also doesn’t give you much forgiveness on accidental touchdowns. The Dwarf Craft Micro’s rails are tight and slice through the chop on accidental contact with the water which makes it an awesome board for aggressive carving. You can feel the board’s thin deck and its ultra-lightweight construction as it makes all your inputs feel incredibly direct to the wing and the small outline makes your head spin as you watch the water wiz underneath your feet. The Dwarfcraft Micro takes minimalism one step shy of ludicrous, making for the perfect foil deck that pro-caliber kite foilers can push past any limits.

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