SLINGSHOT Hover Glide Apollo 60
Sizes Available: Front Wing 60cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 60cm

Slingshot Says:

If you’re looking for the most well-rounded wing in the Hover Glide range, this is it. With equal parts lift, speed, stability and turning, the Apollo 60 is ready for anything you can throw at it. Perfect for going fast, carving, as well as learning all the latest tricks and fancy foot placement.

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Tkb Says:

If you’ve bought into Slingshot’s Hover Glide foil system there’s a large family of modular wings that you can swap into the mix and one such freeride wing is the Apollo 60cm. The Apollo is a fun freeride wing that offers a wider range between low and top speeds with a bit more active inputs for a really fun freeride mix. The Apollo wing features a lower aspect spade-like outline with less profile and no winglets on the tips. The Apollo uses Slingshot’s super durable carbon front wing construction that allows you to beat the living snot out of these wings with brutal bottom strikes amounting to minor cosmetic wear (trust us, we have done our worst on our long-term SS test gear with amazing results). The Hover Glide system uses a durable aluminum fuselage and an aluminum mast that requires three different Allen hex wrenches to assemble/disassemble the entire system. We rode the Apollo 60cm wing with the Fkite package which comes with the 71cm Hover Glide mast and 42cm stabilizer wing.

The Apollo introduces to SS’s slower speed freeride program a middle ground that offers a nice slow to medium foil-up speed for smooth and intuitive waterstarts, but also a higher and slightly more agile top-end speed for all-around foilboarding. The Apollo feels efficient for its 60cm size and is fairly quick with its handling. We really liked how the yaw and roll axes worked together with little inputs transferring into quick responses that make this wing feel loose, active and skatey. While the Apollo has the lower end foil-up speed that would feel comfortable to the entry-level foiler, it might be a bit more twitchy and responsive for the less aggressive learners out there. The person that will want to give the Apollo a go will be the more capable intermediate and advanced foiler that wants a wing that can stall and slow down just enough to play within the troughs of faster windswell with tight, flickable carves and then lock and load for the horizon with its swift higher-end speed. If you’re looking for a super slow surf foil with locked-in control, the Infinity 76 might be more your slice of pie, but the Apollo feels like the middle ground for a carving freeride foil that maximizes your speed range while delivering an extra dose of agility.

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