Sizes Available: 129cm x 38cm , 132cm x 39cm, 135cm x 40cm, 138cm x 41cm, 141cm x 42cm, 144cm x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 135cm x 40cm, 141cm x 42cm

Ozone Says:

The Code was our first twin tip model and has proven to be an outstanding all round freeride performance board. Now in its second version of design, the Code has been further refined for increased control and upwind performance. The Code V2 maintains the progressive outline and medium rocker of the V1, as well as the double concave bottom shape developed specifically for intermediate to advanced freeriders. This perfected combination provides a smooth ride in choppy conditions and powerful carving performance.

New spine style channels at the tips increase edge hold and control for higher boosting and improved upwind performance. The Code V2 has amazing control in choppy water and remains ultra smooth underfoot. An updated flex pattern absorbs and controls fast landings, making engaged big air and kiteloops forgiving on touch down. In overpowered conditions, the swallow tip design combined with the new channels helps the board maintain an edge allowing perfect load up for big boosts. The Code V2 has excellent carving performance as it flows effortlessly from rail to rail. It’s stable in fast power carves and provides a very fluid direct onward drive. The board gains speed fast and drives hard upwind, delivering great response. One of the main frustrations riders have on the water is the amount of spray they get in the face; the Code V2 addresses this problem and practically eliminates spray!

The Code V2 fits a diverse range of riding styles and levels from free riding, cruising, big air, freestyle and unhooked freestyle. Equally at home in flat water, chop and waves, it’s a high performing all-rounder that comes alive the second it hits the water.

Visit for more info: www.ozonekites.com/products/kiteboards/code-v2/

Our Testers Say:

“The Code checks all the boxes, with nice pop for big jumps; it has a light feel that slices upwind and feels stable at all times delivering great landings and endless fun.” // Ray Borg

“An all-around versatile board that’s easy to use with great edge control, excellent chop handling and great upwind ability.” // Dan Lerer

“Great for carving with a solid edge that doesn’t let go and perfect rocker and flex for serving up massive air with easy upwind performance that dominates through the chop.” // Matt Kargl

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

Ozone’s performance freeride twin tip is back with some new tweaks for 2020 unleashing an all-new Code V2. This year Ozone added two mini spines and subtle channeling to each tip as an addition to the existing double concave and spine running down the center of the board. The Code rocks good-sized fins and the same rounded freeride style outline from last year with subtle pulled in tips and a middle of the road constant rocker. The first thing we noticed is that the Code V2 seems to have a bit more grip in its upwind performance, with the edge feeling a bit more positive, but not quite as locked in as the Ozone Base. The new spines seem to contribute some extra control while ripping upwind or preparing to load up for big air, giving riders extra confidence in the edge hold compared to some of the other performance freeride twin tips that trend towards skatey. The Code’s outline has a generous amount of curve, which helps it rocket through choppy conditions without catching the front tip; instead, the rail slices through bumps and the board drives upwind. The Code got great reviews for load and pop — its continuous rocker and curvy tip outline help riders get a really clean release when loaded up and is really user-friendly for big sent airs. The flex pattern falls on the forgiving side with landings being softer and friendlier. Like last year, the Code V2 feels really fast through the water and is perhaps a bit more fun for carving, with easy initiation into turns and reliable edging during hard carves and slashes. Riding toeside down the face of waves was fun with the Code going rail to rail quite easily while feeling fast and smooth with dependable tracking. Overall, the Code continues to be a user-friendly performance freeride board that balances confidence-inspiring attributes with nimble performance that will keep intermediate and advanced freeriders reaching for the stars.

The Code V2 features three insert options for adjusting stance width and comes with a completely redesigned footpad and strap binding system for this year. It might look similar, but the materials and details indicate that Ozone went back to the drawing board. The binding features five holes on each side for allowing ample movement to dial in the perfect duck stance. The footbed has a fairly dense rubbery feel with a lot of little ribs that give a ton of traction to every part of your foot. There’s a toe bump that you can really hook your front toes on for a really solid locked-in feel. The strap is again a single adjustment Velcro strap with ample padding, but this year you get strap mounting points that allow you to shift the pad forward or aft, to gain more support towards your toes or over the higher part of your arch. Testers gave the new system solid reviews for the comfortable and grippy footbed with the simple easy to adjust single strap that gives sufficient coverage to keep your foot locked into place.

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