Sizes Available: Front Wing 1250cm, Back Wing 370cm, 36″ Mast
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 1250cm, Back Wing 370cm, 36″ Mast

Liquid Force Says:

Specifically tuned for kiteboarding with its longer mast, fluid fuselage and QR collar, the Glider Foil Set is ready to hit the water and ready to help the foil fun times keep rolling. Enjoy the float and pump-ability of the Glider 125 wing set and feel the improved hydrodynamic ride of the Fluid Fuselage. The new fuselage integrates into our wings seamlessly and has a recess for the mast, eliminating any rough lines and making this ride as smooth as possible. When you are done with your session, you can simply unscrew one screw from the QR collar to pack down your foil into your vehicle. The set comes complete with wing covers to ensure your carbon wings stay as fresh as possible from session to session. Additionally, you can expect to receive everything in the photo in our sweet LF Foil Bag which makes packing up for travel incredibly easy. Everything in this set is interchangeable and upgrade-able with our other LF foil accessories, so you can tune this set for Surf or Wake Foiling by simply purchasing an additional mast length.

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Tkb Says:

The Glider, new for LF this year, adds a more agile, freeride carving wing to its lineup with a nice slow foil-up speed that can push the limits of both slow and fast carving. The front wing features a reduced wingspan with boxy tips and uses three Allen screws for the front wing and two Allen screws for the stabilizer. The Glider gets LF’s new Fluid fuselage which offers more aerodynamic mounting with the wings, a bit of a taper and a slotted connection with the mast that seems to reduce its size and weight while streamlining the assembly’s flow through the water. The stabilizer is flat with no winglets and the mast features Liquid Force’s single screw mounting system that makes disconnecting with the board super easy with one Allen screw.

The Glider is a great addition to the Liquid Force lineup. It takes the low foil-up speed you get with the Impulse and jazzes that up with snappier handling that leads to a more active carving foil with a slightly higher top-end speed. The first thing we noticed is the early lift with the 125 Glider front wing; it doesn’t take much board speed to get the wing to build lift which is a great feature for lighter wind sessions and riding smaller more performance-oriented boards. The yaw axis feels really active allowing you to make quick changes in direction with little effort to swing the nose around from side to side. The roll and pitch axes are also active but a little bit more stable. When you combine the flat stabilizer (no winglets) you get a skatier more active yaw response and the narrower width in the front wing also contributes to the more active roll axis. Turn initiation is really easy; for confident foilboarders, the Glider will be a super fun setup that allows for aggressively fun carving. While the top-end feels a bit faster for this freeride carving foil, what we really liked about this setup is the foil-down speed that allows you to confidently slow down and still remain on foil. It makes carving with waves, stalling and bank turning inside the face of small to medium windswell super fun. The low foil-down speed helped us nail tacks as well, with the Glider staying on lift as the board transitions through the eye of the wind. The longer mast at 36-inches/91.4cm feels luxuriously long on upwind blasts, allowing for hard angles while the wing stays planted in the water. For all its quick maneuvering and carving magic at slow speeds, the Glider hits some solid higher-end speeds for a carving foil and feels just a bit more stable with increased speed. The Glider is a true freeride foil for someone who knows how to carve and wants a wing that will step up for more aggressive and quick inputs while accessing both low-end carving speeds and slightly higher than average top-end speeds that allow you to cover a good amount of ground.

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