Sizes Available: 137cm x 41.5cm, 140cm x 43cm
Sizes Tested: 137cm x 41.5cm

Flysurfer Says:

The RUSH gives you the confidence needed to perform technical moves, massive airs and sick megaloops. This classic freestyle board offers high riding comfort, perfect grip, insane pop, and precise carving. The centralized stance alignment and fine-tuned flex distribution allow you to perform your tricks quickly at any time, ensuring safe landings. The bottom construction with a double concave and multi-channels gives an outstanding upwind performance to stay “in-the-box” and reacts immediately to rider inputs. Designed and produced in the heart of Europe for the highest quality. Perfect for ambitious and sporty riders who want to push the limits and reach their full potential.

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Our Testers Say:

“The Rush slices through chop with super comfy foamy bindings with a light and responsive feel; great all-around ride that is both comfortable and exhilarating.” // Ray Borg

“Turns well with good tracking, solid chop handling, good pop and super comfortable footpad and strap system.” // Brad Poulos

“Great pads with tons of cushiness while the board absorbs chop with a locked-in smooth feel with middle of the road pop.” // Pierce Martin

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

This is our first look at the Flysurfer Rush twin tip with its nice middle of the road weight that feels reasonably light for its wood core and sports a fairly rounded mid-section outline and tips that are slightly squared. The Rush features a constant rocker with a dual concave bottom with channels just on the rails which are all kept in line with 40mm fins. Our first impression of the Rush was its really fun all-around freeride performance that erred on the forgiving side. The wood core has a fairly softer flex feel that exudes comfort as the board cuts through the water and offers a decent amount of grip that feels appropriate for the casual freeride with the right amount of edge grip to inspire confidence but also forgive any missteps. The Rush feels fast and efficient through the water and rated high with its smooth and solid ride through good-sized chop. Testers found the Rush went upwind really well with minimal tip spray and excellent chop dampening abilities. When it comes to load and pop, you can feel the board’s lighter flex pattern come into play and while it works well for casual sent airs, more advanced freestyle riders will find the Rush doesn’t store a ton of energy for unsent freestyle moves due to its easygoing flex pattern. The landings were forgiving and soft and the Rush’s carving game is fun with easy rail to rail carves although with less grip; the Rush likes a little more focus on edge control during hard carves. Overall, the Rush is an excellent freeride progression board that prioritizes comfort and user-friendly handling while offering just enough snappy high-end performance to keep progressing riders stoked.

The Rush offers four sets of insert options — two allow you two options to adjust the stance width and another set allows you to choose two different options for the heel distance from the rail. This is one of the only boards to give you this level of customization. The Rush has five mounting options on each side of the strap giving substantial room for dialing in the perfect stance duck. Testers commented on the cushy foam EVA of the footbeds that are super comfortable with a significant amount of cupping around the heel, a bit of contour under your arch and no toe grip, but substantial texture to allow your foot to get a solid locked-in feel. The straps feature quad Velcro adjustments that are easy to access and the straps can be mounted forward/aft in the binding so it’s quite easy to dial in the perfect tension and coverage over your foot. The Flysurfer Rush comes with a padded handle which is really nice if you get raked over your board. Testers gave the Rush’s pad and strap system high marks for its comfortable and functional design that offers a really secure feel and solid sense of control.

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