F-ONE WTF?! Girl
Sizes Available: 136cm x 41.5cm
Sizes Tested: 136cm x 41.5cm

F-ONE Says:

The girl version of the WTF?! is available in 136 x 41.5cm. The WTF?! board features a specific rocker line with a flatter section in the centre of the board to allow for early planing with increased rocker on the tips to keep those landings smooth and easy. The transition between the three stages of the rocker is key to the dynamics of edging and loading for the pop and reaching maximum amplitude.

Every feature of the WTF?! has been built around not only giving the rider the most pop possible but also making it easy to release it and control. The bottom of the board features a lot of shape details including a central V-double concave, step channels in the sides and tip channels to help you with speed and control at all times and break the surface tension of the water, making the landings smoother and more manageable, even at high speed.

The board is available in three sizes: 136 x 41.5, 138 x 42 and a 140 x 42.5cm. All three sizes are quite large on purpose’ the increased surface area helping to get you going early, but also providing a great platform to land your tricks. The board is equipped with our Unibox fins in 35 or 55mm, these offer better speed and improved glide with less drag thanks to their thinner profile.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/wtf-girl

Our Testers Say:

“I really liked this board, in fact, I was bummed when I looked down and learned it was for ‘girls.’ It was actually, a really fun board that ripped upwind, held an edge and was smooth through chop.” // Tom Moore

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The F-One WTF?! in the girl version is a sized down adaptation of the regular WTF?! board, which got an upgrade this year with a carbon beam in the tips and no longer comes in a Lite Tech model. The first thing we noticed about the girl version is that it felt like it has a little less rocker, giving it a flatter base that feels a bit faster and more efficient through the water. Naturally, the flex pattern is softer for smaller riders, but still noticeably stiffer than your run of the mill freeride twin tip. The WTF?! Girl’s edge tracking is still fairly skatey like its brother, so this model is targeted at more aggressive riders capable of taking advantage of a stiffer rocker for better load and pop amplitude. It’s worth noting that the bulk of our all-male test team passed on trying a “girl” board, but if you like to ride twin tips on the shorter side, the WTF?! Girl can be a really fun board even if you happen to be guy.

The WTF?! Girl comes with three insert options for adjusting duck stance width that are ducked (not lined up on center) and a plastic handle. We rode the WTF?! Girl with F-One’s Platinum3 bindings which offer a number of different options for dialing in duck stance. The Platinum comes in S/M and M/L sized footbeds. We rode the WTF?! Girl with the small version and testers with larger feet found them to be too small and would opt for the M/L size as the best option for our male test crew. The footbeds feature a smooth rubbery footbed that has a substantial amount of contour built into them with a fairly dense and middle of the road grippy texture. The strap is a single Velcro adjustment that offers a very simple Velcro adjustment with the strap capable of moving forward and back over the footbed to get the perfect fit. Testers commented on the Platinum3 binding’s very straightforward and easy adjustments and generally found them to be comfortable and adequate for keeping their feet planted on the board.

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