F-ONE Mirage 650
Sizes Available: Front Wing Area: 650cm2, 800cm2, 1000cm2
Sizes Tested: 650cm2

F-ONE Says:

The F-One Hybrid Mirage 650/800/1000 foils are flatter in the middle with their tips accurately arched down and share a similar arch profile which provides plenty of control and total maneuverability. Their aspect ratio is compact, providing more freedom in all maneuvers. They also have a refined twist distribution which not only helps with the glide but also makes the power of the wing more manageable when carving lines.

To maintain optimal control, we build these wings in carbon pre-preg. And the larger sizes also have a foam core to keep them light. All sizes share the same metal insert with the FCD connector fully machined via CNC for a strong and perfect assembly. The 650cm2 – the smallest size also has the thinnest profile to provide a really nice glide together with some endless carving possibilities. The best speed to carving combo.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/mirage/

Tkb Says:

We tested the smallest wing in the F-One Mirage line of foil packages and found one of the most steady and reliable carving wings that hits high speeds. The Mirage features the propeller style mounting bolt on the nose for connecting the front wing to the fuselage with two Torx head screws mounting the stabilizer on the back. The front wing has a high-aspect gull-wing style front foil with the stabilizer featuring significant vertical winglets that add a ton of yaw stability to the feel of this setup. The Mirage came with an 85cm length aluminum mast with the older style F-One connection to the slim 60cm aluminum fuselage with sunken Torx screws.

When you fling the Mirage over your shoulder and walk to the water you know from the look of the sleek high aspect carbon wings that this setup is designed for redlining at the top-end of freeride foilboarding’s speed envelope. The waterstart requires you to power up to a fairly swift board speed for the front wing to begin creating lift. Often these high aspect wings are touchy around the foil-up speed — if you don’t accelerate clear into the wing’s lift speed these high-aspect thoroughbreds can drop out abruptly and catch you off guard. We found the Mirage was fairly forgiving at the edge for such a fast foil; it seemed to give you a little notice before the float party popped. This is to say that speed demons like the Mirage work best when you mash down on the gas pedal and keep accelerating into its middle and top-end speed. If low or medium carving speed turns is what you want, the F-One lineup has a ton of other lower aspect carving and surf foil options. When it comes to handling, the Mirage, like many of the F-One foils, offers really stable controls with the yaw and roll feeling locked in and solid at high speeds while the yaw axis feels extra stable. This makes the Mirage feel very comfortable when you’re hitting the sound barrier — it has a ton of directional stability that requires bigger inputs from the rider to make aggressive movements. The Mirage has really great acceleration. You can put as much power as you want into this foil and it translates to faster speeds. When it comes to carving, this setup likes broader carving turns with higher speeds that make turns feel more like giant slalom turns rather than anything tight and snappy in the surf. Turns start with the roll axis which is reliable and stable, but the yaw axis really needs decisive steering effort, with extra side to side input to complete turns. This steering stability is also what makes high speed runs downwind feel exceptionally comfortable and steady on the Mirage. This setup really excels in straight line foiling, especially if you’re hyper-focused on hitting top speeds. It’s super stable handling makes long tacks much easier, allowing riders to relax a bit instead of sweating every little twitch and enabling you to cover a ton of ground with little effort. The foil-up speed might be a bit fast for a cautious beginner, but intermediate to advanced foilers will find the Mirage the perfect match for pushing the limits of high-speed adrenaline foiling.

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