Sizes Available: 133cm x 40cm, 136cm x 41cm, 140cm x 42cm, 144cm x 43, 148 x 44, 152 x 44cm
Sizes Tested: 140cm x 42cm

Cabrinha Says:

The Spectrum is designed for riders who need an all-terrain model with a wide range of use. Developments in design and construction have allowed us to deliver an all-terrain, all-round freeride model with the DNA and performance characteristics of a much more expensive model. The Spectrum has excellent upwind tracking which keeps you tight to the zone. Its softer flex pattern makes this one of the nicest rides in choppy waters. But it’s not just about comfort. The softer flex makes this board adaptable to whatever riding the day delivers.

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Our Testers Say:

“Good tracking, easy to adjust straps, medium pop with smooth ride. Great starting board, stable with nice weight and fun for carving.” // Brad Poulos

“Strong board that does a lot of things very well, very smooth through chop and easy upwind edging. If you could choose one board, this excels in all categories.” // Tom Moore

“A great board for anyone, the Spectrum can ride clean out of shorebreak and follow the waves with good edging.” // Dan Lerer

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Cabrinha Spectrum is back with the quintessential freeride twin tip sporting an outline with a gently curved mid-section and rounded tips that give this board great all-around user-friendly performance. With a single concave running from tip to tip with a simple bottom shape, this board offers a softer flex pattern that is noticeably more flexier than the Cabrinha Ace. The first thing we noticed about the Spectrum is that its dry weight feels a little bit lighter when you pick it up and has a more playful forgiving feeling underfoot than you would expect from a freeride progression twin tip. In terms of edge bite and tracking, it doesn’t have quite as much of a locked-in feeling as the Ace, so it’s just a little bit more forgiving and skatey which makes it easy to edge, forgiving through the chop and comfortable for cruising in all conditions. You can feel the softer flex pattern in the chop and it’s quite easy to transition and fun to carve rail to rail. The softer flex pattern doesn’t offer advanced level load and pop but for the average sent jumps it works more than fine and delivers flexy soft landings. The Spectrum shines for the progressing rider and casual freerider that wants a forgiving cruising board with a softer ride.

The Spectrum comes with two inserts to adjust stance width and Cabrinha’s H1N bindings feature three straightforward settings for setting stance duck. The H1N bindings feature a fairly dense footbed that is fairly flat without much for contours. The pads feature a rubbery pattern throughout that offers middle of the road grip and a subtle toe bump. The straps are a single Velcro adjustment strap that feels fairly narrow from side to side. The H1 is a fairly straightforward entry-level strap that keeps your foot in place, but lacks the adjustment and all-inclusive feel that you get with Cabrinha’s premium H20 system.

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