Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 17m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10m

Airush Says:

The Ultra has yet again proven to be unbeatable for light wind freeride performance, foiling, and wave riding alike. The exclusive Airush Load Frame, segmentation reduction through the canopy, and lightweight single strut geometry all contribute to increased durability and responsiveness. Increased canopy tension & rigidity delivers the pinnacle of single strut responsiveness.

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Our Testers Say:

“Super stable, great drift, large wind range with lots of low-end power while still giving you complete depower. Feels light with very responsive steering and quick turning.” // Dray Murray

“Lighter bar pressure single strut with quick and nimble turning with a medium amount of boost and hangtime and good power.” // Ray Borg

“Very consistent kite that offers a ton of depower, light feeling in the air with great power delivery and quick turning.” // Matt Kargl

Meet Our Testers

TKB Says:

The Airush Ultra is back, proving less is more with version 3 of its single strut, medium aspect airframe with sweptback wingtips. The Ultra has been a top performer in the single strut category and this latest version continues to push the envelope with an extremely lightweight canopy that delivers crisp performance and feel. As a single strut kite with a narrower LE, the Airush is quick to inflate with its large-diameter Boston valve that requires the larger nozzle of the standard pump attachments. The Ultra features a shorter single setting front bridle that utilizes three pulleys to adjust its angle of attack; the kite’s front bridle pigtails end in a loop and the wingtip pigtails end in a single knot with extra pigtail length to tie a custom-placed knot. The wingtips feature two attachment points to adjust for more or less bar pressure, with the factory setting on the least amount of bar pressure.

The Ultra does an excellent job of shedding weight for an extremely light feel, but with its load frame technology, this single strut delivers an impressively crisp sheeting and turning feel. The Ultra’s bar has lighter bar pressure with smooth progressive power delivery along the throw of the bar for a kite that has minimal strut support. The feedback feels crisp for a single strut kite which, when balanced with the kite’s power and agility, delivers an excellent mix of freeride attributes. The Ultra has responsive turning with quick turn initiation from bar inputs and a tight pivot arc that feels fairly fast in each size. In terms of jumping, the Ultra delivers good lift for freeride jumping on a twin tip and good hangtime when powered. Much like other single strut kites, when you ride this kite overpowered you will experience some luffing in the wingtips, but that is the nature of the single strut beast. The Ultra’s lightweight canopy and pulling power really shines on the lower-end of its wind range, giving you the pull you need with responsive turning. When it comes to relaunching, the Ultra has the perfect leading edge for a quick and reliable relaunch. From nose down in the center of the window, a solid pull on the bar will cause the Ultra to flip and taxi to the side of the window for a casual relaunch. While fast and nimble, the Ultra was also very impressive when it came to drift and stability. The canopy felt super stable at zenith and its lightweight structure seemed to help it drift really well downwind while riding swell with the canopy floating back into the window and always finding line tension. The superior drift makes the Ultra a capable and fun option in the surf and when you factor in the on-demand power, crisp sheeting and steering, you have the perfect recipe for a dedicated freeride foilboarding kite. Beyond its performance, at the end of every session, the Ultra packs down into its minimalist compact kite bag and is ready to travel the world.

The Airush Cleat bar is a dual length adjustable bar (50/60cm) that has received one very significant upgrade for 2020: a completely redesigned quick release system Airush is calling the Intelligent Quick Release (IQR). The Cleat bar features 24m lines (21m + 3m ext) and an above the bar clam cleat with a spectra tuning strap that has Velcro so that it locks into place. The sheeting/power line features double plastic coated lines that has a sliding speed control stopper to adjust the length of throw for those with shorter arms or to set the bar on longer tacks. The safety is a single centerline safety that runs down one of the PU lines and through the new quick-release design for a clean and tidy system with a low V split in the center lines. The newly designed quick release features a push-away quick release with a larger hand swivel on top that also acts as a quick-release travel guard. The swivel dial is bigger this year for easier leverage on untwisting the front lines and the swivel action is smoother and more effortless compared to the previous design. The newly designed push away quick release features a new cocking mechanism that leaves the quick release handle cocked open upon release. The reset is fairly straightforward; just insert the open end of the loop back into the release and then shift the QR handle so that it springs shut. The internal stainless heart of the quick release is a bit larger to allow for the safety line to travel through the release with less friction. Airush is one of the few companies to offer four different harness loops to fit your style of riding: wakestyle (XL), freestyle (L) freeride (S), and/or a surf metal loop (S). You can swap through loops with the use of a surf Allen key. The Cleat bar features integrated floats and adjustable bar ends that allow you to swap between 50 and 60 cm effective bar lengths. The center insert is aluminum and features a printed logo that is visible when you are holding the bar correctly. The color coding uses a visually clear light blue on the left float and bar end which will help those that are familiar with the bar. The bar ends are densely padded for safety and feature a bungee for keeping the lines stowed when not in use. The grip features a dense EVA texture with horizontal bars under the grip and a ribbed pattern on top with a rubbery diamond pattern near the center of the bar with a grip diameter that borders on small to medium. Overall, testers gave the Cleat bar solid marks for its new quick-release design and mix of functional features in a clean and comfortable medium weight bar.

You can also fly the Airush with the Progression bar which features an above the bar power strap adjustment (with handles) for tuning the kite’s power and 24m lines (9m + 14m ext) that are divided with a shorter bottom half for teaching on short lines. The Progression bar is a dual adjustable length (45/54cm) bar and skips features like integrated floats and padded bar ends; the power system is a bit bulkier compared to the Cleat’s clean setup. The grip on the Progression is a little thicker and features less EVA texture and more of a rubbery grip.

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