AIRUSH AK Surf Foil Medium
Sizes Available: Front Wing 1300cm2, Rear Wing 260cm2, Mast 70cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 1300cm2, Rear Wing 260cm2, Mast 70cm

AK Says:

The AK Surf Foil Medium was developed specifically as a crossover surf foil to perform in small to medium size waves, and as a light wind, lower speed kite wing. The intermediate aspect ratio front wing with updated profiles provides the perfect balance between maneuverability, speed, and pumping.

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Tkb Says:

The AK 1300cm surf wing is the medium-sized surf wing in the AK Durable Supply line of foilsurfing products. AK Supply is the accessory brand for Airush and this crossover product is billed both as a medium-lift surf foil and a light wind kiteboarding weapon. The AK 1300cm uses three torque head bolts on the front wing and two of the same on the stabilizer with the ability to shift the angle of the stabilizer by loosening the bolts and rocking the stab in either direction (shift the stab back for more lift and forward for negative lift). The 1300 surf wing has a nice light weight overall feel from its blend of carbon wings and aluminum fuselage and mast that you notice when easily carrying the setup to the water. The mast’s baseplate features open-ended mount recesses which help slip the mast in and out without completely unthreading your inserts.

The 1300 offers an exceptionally early foil-up speed with its first pulse of lift creating a momentary blip of extra lift and a higher angle of attack to get you onto foil. The 1300 offers comfortable and dependable handling with both the yaw and pitch axes’ feeling super stable and the roll axis feeling just a small bit more active. Turn initiation starts really easily with a little extra heel or toe pressure with the wing easily rolling into a turn with the yaw’s side to side adjustments feeling smooth and dependable. The 1300’s speed is middle of the road — it’s top-end is perfect for freeride cruising and comfortable jogs back to the top of the reef, but at all times the 1300’s true calling is in the surf/swell department with slower and tighter carves that help you lock in on smaller swells. You can get a slower foil-up speed with the larger AK surf foil, but the 1300 offers a nice amount of lift that fits quite well with kite foiling. This wing likes to pump and can come in handy in supremely light wind when you need to use the wing’s extra drive to separate the board from the water surface’s friction or keep the glide going through a hole in the wind. The extra bit of roll felt really helpful on tacks, making it more forgiving and easier to keep the board flat through the eye of the wind while the slow foil-down speed allowed us to maintain lift without stalling through technical trick attempts. We didn’t play with the stabilizer wing’s angle – in the middle setting the wing seemed perfectly dialed for even lifting performance at all speeds. The few times that we cavitated a foil wing on hard carves we found it was quite forgiving, with the wing regaining lift smoothly and without pitching the entire board out of control. Overall, the AK Surf Foil 1300 is an excellent choice for beginner kite foilers looking for a lower speed foil with forgiving lift-off that will help them work out the kinks as they dial their skills in. Yet it’s also a setup we would recommend to any kiter looking for a super easy to control but fun rangy lower speed wing that will get them out on the water in threshold wind conditions while carving just about any piece of swell on the horizon.

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