OZONE Infinity V1
Sizes Available: 144cm x 47cm
Sizes Tested: 144cm x 47cm

Ozone Says:

The Infinity V1 is a dedicated light wind board that makes riding more exciting and progressive. It uniquely blends a classic twin-tip freeride feeling with impressive light wind performance. Alive with speed and maneuverability, the Infinity V1 redefines what we think of as a light wind board. It is livelier, lighter and smaller than other light wind specific boards on the market — the Infinity motivates progression! It has range too; as the wind increases the Infinity remains smooth and controllable to ride thanks to its unique hybrid freeride-light wind outline.

Designed with a double concave bottom shape going flat towards channeled tips and optimized rocker line. This combination provides early planing, continuous board speed through lulls and impressive upwind performance. The Infinity rides high on the water for comfort in chop and ease of rolling into a turn. Off-centered inserts relieve stress on ankles while edging to ride upwind; this also allows for an easy load and pop in light breezes. The Infinity’s cohesive flex pattern provides control when loading up for bigger airs and the progressive flex towards the tips helps absorb landings smoothly.

Ideally suited for twin-tip riders who want simply to cruise, freeriders searching for high-end light wind performance, all the way to freestyle addicts aspiring to throw unhooked tricks in a breeze. Don’t find yourself sitting in desperation on the beach, take the Infinity and tear it up!

Visit for more info: www.ozonekites.com/products/kiteboards/infinity-v1/

Tkb Says:

The Ozone Infinity mixes light wind capabilities with freeride performance to offer a board that can get you upwind in lower wind numbers without turning off the fun tap on your carving and jumping game. The Infinity template offers a ton of width underfoot with subtly rounded rails and boxy tips for extra surface area that doesn’t get in the way of freeride riding. The bottom shape rocks a double concave with a spine that transitions into channels that exit through the tips with a decent amount of rocker that blends range, speed and control into one perfectly balanced light wind package.

From the second you jump on the Infinity, you can feel the bottom shape and exit channels delivering a solid amount of grip which makes this board a confident and stable platform for setting an upwind rail. The Infinity rocker and tail outline feels quick through the water and handles chop without tip spray, making upwind grinds feel comfortable and allowing the rider to put all the kite’s energy into edging. With the Infinity’s confident grip it is really fun for carving, with the rounded rails initiating turns quite easily and the extra width giving you a good amount of glide. The Infinity has a stiffer flex pattern and heavier core than some of the other dedicated light wind boards in the test, which gives it extra density for hard aggressive riders while the load and pop yielded more amplitude. The board’s rail and wide tips are fairly friendly for loading and releasing and its moderate size makes jumps and rotations quite fun despite the board’s light wind purpose. At 144cm, the Infinity isn’t a flat plank for threshold conditions, instead, it’s a great option for bigger riders in softer wind conditions and smaller riders that want to push light wind boundaries on a board that still has freeride sensibilities. We also think the Infinity would score high points as a great instructional board for those just learning power control and basic edging.

The Infinity features three insert options for adjusting stance width and comes with a completely redesigned footpad and strap binding system for this year. It might look similar, but the materials and details indicate that Ozone went back to the drawing board. The bindings feature five holes on each side for allowing ample movement to dial in the perfect duck stance. The footbeds have a fairly dense rubbery feel with a lot of little ribs that give a ton of traction to every part of your foot. There’s a toe bump that you can really hook your front toes on for a really solid locked-in feel. The strap is again a single adjustment Velcro strap with ample padding, but this year you get strap mounting points that allow you to shift the pads forward or aft, to gain more support towards your toes or over the higher part of your arch. Testers gave the new system solid reviews for the comfortable and grippy footbeds with the simple easy to adjust single strap that gives sufficient coverage to keep your foot locked into place.