Sizes Available: 142cm x 45cm , 148cm x 45.5cm
Sizes Tested: 148cm x 45.5cm

Liquid Force Says:

The Overdrive brings high end freestyle performance to the light wind and heavy rider arena. Featuring inline inserts, minimal rocker, and a hearty width, the Overdrive offers early and efficient planing, exceptional upwind capability, powerful pop, and a smooth, predictable feel.

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Tkb Says:

Dedicated light wind boards tend to throw the fun out the wind window along with the bathwater (if you know what we mean) but the Overdrive (two words people: it is the ‘Over’ version of the ‘Drive’) is a light wind board that delivers you light wind performance while keeping your freestyle (and your fun) game alive. The Overdrive features a rounded template with extra width that gives you a solid waterstarting surface and glide while the simple bottom shape features a subtle concave underfoot that deepens towards the tips. The Overdrive sports 4.0 fins along with a softer flex pattern and a casual rocker.

The Overdrive does an excellent job of straddling the light wind segment while keeping the fun freeride feel well in the equation. Its wider template and flatter rocker give you the surface area you need to waterstart in lower wind situations and its fast and efficient low drag bottom shape helps you accelerate onto plane and keep your momentum going through holes in the wind. The Overdrive rocks a fairly loose grip that makes the board feel a bit more forgiving than some of the other extreme light wind boards in the test. This makes the Overdrive feel more playful and fun for easier transitions but it also requires a bit more attention to your edge control. Its softer flex pattern makes the bigger board feel comfortable in choppy conditions with its rounded template making chop more forgiving and efficient for upwind riding. Unlike some other light wind boards that sacrifice handling for light wind performance, the Overdrive solidly delivers fun and playful carving, much easier load/release/pop for jumps and a more compact outline that keeps rotational jumps on the light wind menu.

The Overdrive comes with two insert options for adjusting stance width while LF’s Pro Pad footstrap binding system offers four slots on each side for dialing in your duck stance in two different model sizes (S/M and L/XL). The Overdrive also comes with a plastic handle. Testers loved the super comfy rubbery footbed with its solid amount of cupping around the heel, substantial toe bump and contour underfoot. The rubbery feeling ribs offer your foot good traction and the density of the footpad can be adjusted by choosing from three different density foam blocks when you set up the pad (we liked the ‘lite density’ with its cushy soft feel but that may depend on your weight). The straps offer multiple dimensions for adjustment to dial in the perfect coverage. The strap attachment points to the pads can move forward or aft and the inserts can be flipped side to side to effect different strap widths so you can dial basic mounting settings of the strap to perfectly suit your foot and arch size. The straps feature dual Velcro adjustment zones and a nice terry cloth sponge feeling underneath that feels smooth and comfortable against the top of your foot. The Pro Pad is a top performer for unparalleled comfort, grip and control.

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