Sizes Available: 150cm x 45cm, 160cm x 47.5cm
Sizes Tested: 150cm x 45cm

Cabrinha Says:

The Stylus is designed for riders who want to make the most out of extremely light winds and/or larger riders. Light wind has been a dirty word in kitesurfing since day one. That has now changed since the introduction of the Stylus. The Stylus is a high-performance light wind model that has a knack for pulling all of the speed and power out of less than perfect wind conditions. Its offset binding positioning enhances edging which allows you to ride the board flatter on the water while still maintaining edge control. Pair the Stylus with our Contra light wind kite and you will immediately shift your perception of what is considered “light” wind.

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Tkb Says:

If you’re looking for a dedicated light wind board with a more compact outline that can pull off threshold wind sessions, then look no further than Cabrinha’s Stylus. With its boxy outline you get a nice wide planing surface underfoot with a slightly rounded outline that softens up the ride through the chop and helps with carving. The bottom shape features a single concave channel running down the center of the board with a standard low rocker that delivers early planing and less drag.

The Stylus gives you a super-wide platform that delivers solid tracking for easy upwind performance in low wind. The extra surface area that comes from the extra width makes waterstarting particularly easy, requiring less power from the kite to get you up on the water and accelerating up into planing speed. Its simple bottom shape and extra width give the board excellent speed, cutting a clean sheet of water off the back and allowing for quick and nimble acceleration for a board of its size. The Stylus rings in with middle of the road weight which feels good for a board that doesn’t come with carbon or carbon’s price tag. That flatter rocker and straight rail does its best to slice through the chop with the outline’s tucked corners helping to keep tip spray down in rough conditions. The Stylus’s simple bottom shape and fins work with the rail to give you an incredibly locked-in feel, which seems to set a groove during upwind edging that gives the rider excellent control over the kite’s power and helps turn your power into upwind gains. Part of that might be the inserts being placed closer to the heelside edge, which gives you better control over the board’s larger planing surface. When it comes to transitions from one side to another, the fins release readily and transitions feel smooth and easy to manage for a board that tracks so well upwind. With its straighter rail and low rocker, the Stylus requires a bit of finesse to pull off jumps, but it’s shorter length makes it feel much more manageable for a dedicated light wind board. The Stylus offers riders an excellent light wind platform in a shorter more compact shape that delivers a locked-in stable ride with good range that will get you going in next to nothing. When the wind was dying and the kite’s power was fading, it was the Stylus that capably brought us back upwind to our beach when a walk of shame was almost certainly thought to be in the cards.

Cabrinha’s H1N bindings feature three straightforward settings for setting stance duck. The H1N bindings feature a fairly dense footbed that is fairly flat without much for contours. The pads feature a rubbery pattern throughout that offers middle of the road grip and a subtle toe bump. The straps are a single Velcro adjustment strap that feels fairly narrow from side to side. The H1 is a straightforward entry-level strap that keeps your foot in place but lacks the adjustment and all-inclusive feel that you get with Cabrinha’s premium H20 system.

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