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DUOTONE Spirit Carve 950
Sizes Available: Front Wing 950cm, Back Wing 215, Mast 75cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 950cm, Back Wing 215, Mast 75cm

Duotone Says:

The new 950 Spirit Carve wing was developed for maximum maneuverability and glide to perform tacks, jibes and 360s. Essentially it’s a scaled-down version of a pure surf foil wing. The 950 lifts early and has incredible stability for ripping smooth, controlled carves on tiny waves or flat water. This wing is all about control, carving, glide and seamless transitions with incredible stability and predictability for those looking for a great cross over between kite and surf foil feeling.

Visit for more info: www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/foils/spirit-carve-950-90/

Tkb Says:

The Duotone foil lineup offers up five different performance packages; two of them are all-out speed demons and the other three cover the spectrum from freeride (700, 950, 1250) to surf. The Spirt 950 sits in the middle of that range, offering a solid compromise between low-speed surf/carving capabilities and a little higher-end speed that the average freeride foiler is always looking for. The 950 comes with a 75 cm aluminum mast that has a slotted key that slips into an aerodynamic fuselage for a really solid and efficient design. The front carbon wings attach to the fuselage via hex Allen head screws and the stabilizer comes with four additional mounting shims for those that want to change the lift angle of the stabilizer.

The 950 is a great wing that balances the need for speed against more user-friendly foil-up waterstarts and intuitive and easy carving. The 950 offers up a nice slow to medium foil-up speed that delivers early lift that allows users to get going without a ton of board speed or managing extra power in their kite. Faster foil-up speeds require beginners to hit higher speeds and lead to more spectacular wipeouts, and that is why the 950’s early and slower lifting seems so user-friendly. The 950 has a little bit of a stall right before the lift kicks in, and this helps users anticipate crossing the threshold of both foil-up and foil-down speeds. The handling on the 950 has a really balanced feel that gives you directional stability for faster riding but also gives you intuitive responsive turning that is really fun for carving. The yaw and pitch axes’ are both really stable with the roll axis being just a little bit more active. This means that the 950 feels really good locked in on fast upwind legs, but when it comes to carving the 950 loves to lay down aggressive turns and swap from edge to edge like a capable ninja. The standout feature of the 950 is that it delivers a wide speed range that allows you to load up the power and hit higher speeds before the wing maxes out, yet it’s got a slow enough foil-down speed to chase small waves, stall and carve tighter turns. To be sure, the 950 isn’t a surf foil, and doesn’t have that extreme low bottom-end speed and lift for those that are 100% focused on waves, and if that is what you are after it’s worth taking a look at the Spirit 1250. The 950 feels really efficient through the water with no hums or whistles and the longer cord on the mast and fuselage provides a super crisp structure that transmits your inputs directly into the lifting surfaces. We vote the 950 as an exceptional learning option, one that gives you a sufficiently slower startup speed and good stability for the early days, but the 950 is also a foil that lets you explore both the speed and carving dimensions of foilboarding with a good blend of stability, performance and fun.

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