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F-ONE Pocket TS 130
Sizes Available: 130cm x 47cm
Sizes Tested: 130cm x 47cm

F-ONE Says:

“Minimum size is maximum fun!”, this POCKET TS 130 shares the same mantra as the other F-ONE pocket boards. Reducing the length enlarges significantly the possibilities for all kinds of maneuvers and engage further into carving. Built around a foam core with glass reinforcements and protective top/bottom sheet layers, the POCKET TS 130 is as durable as you can get. The solid cap construction will preserve the edges of the board. Lightweight with a compact format that makes it easy to handle and transport, this is a board you will never have to worry about.

Beveled rails, double concave, specific foiling outline with its wide point well forward, the board has all the shape features that make it easy and forgiving on the water. Equipped with a full deck pad for more comfort, the board has inserts for three foot-straps and features the Twin Track system on the bottom for maximum compatibility. With a terrific potential for all kinds of tricks or simply for carving around, this F-ONE POCKET TS 130 is the obvious choice for a large number of riders to enjoy and play while foiling.

Visit for more info: www.f-one.world/product/pocket-130-ts/

Tkb Says:

The Pocket TS in 130cm is a small wafer-like board perfectly sized to amplify all the sensations of performance foilboarding fit for raving fanfare by intermediate and advanced foilboarders. The Pocket features really durable construction that is light but feels bombproof in your hands. The outline has a classic subtle rounded template with the wide point moved forward and narrowing towards the tail that gives you volume up front for lift-off and touchdowns and a rail outline with chimed rails that release quite easily on accidental touchdowns. The track system features visual markings for getting the mast placement exactly where you want it every time and the plastic tabs in the track openings ensure that you don’t lose your hardware when you travel. There’s nothing worse than showing up to the beach one screw short, and our advice would be to cross your fingers, rig and go with what you got (or get a Pocket and never have to worry about it). The Pocket features a flat mid-section, some rocker in the nose and a super subtle tail rocker. The Pocket comes with a 3/4 deck pad with EVA diamond grip that doesn’t feature a kick (the straps mount really far back on the board) and it comes with inserts for a three-strap configuration, offering three forward/aft mounting options for both front and back footstraps.

The Pocket TS is the perfect high-performance board that offers really durable construction with a light weight feel that tends to amplify the foilboarding experience, regardless of whether you are Speedy Gonzales or Bohdi from Point Break. The shorter length and slightly wider template of this design make all your inputs into the board feel responsive and crisp — with little nose in front of you, the Pocket is fully capable of stepping up with you into aggressive foilboarding. In terms of waterstarting, the medium buoyancy of this board seemed perfect for strapless waterstarting. The rail had just enough float to push back and help get the board lined up for strapless waterstarts while its surface area delivers the perfect blend of template and rocker that feels fast and makes foil-up easy, controlled and clean. The gentle rocker in the nose keeps the deck looking flat, but when we dropped below our foil’s foil-down speed, the nose hit the water hard but still recovered from going full submarine. The chined rails worked really well on upwind legs where our upwind angle brought the rail in contact with chop. Instead of spinning out of control, the rail drove straight through the chop and released us to keep grinding upwind. That is a really important feature when you are hitting Mach speeds on higher aspect foils. We loved the flat deck which makes your inputs to the board feel the same no matter where you put your foot and while the strap inserts go clear to the place where you’d expect a kick pad, the waffle grip gives solid traction that is both comfortable on your feet but thin enough to transfer all inputs directly to the deck and the foil below. The Pocket TS is the Ferrari of foilboards with its solid construction, perfectly tuned outline and rocker with an overall precision feel that gives the rider pure control over the foil and a steady supply of adrenaline from its sporty feel.

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