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SLINGSHOT Hover Glide Infinity 65
Sizes Available: Front Wing 65cm
Sizes Tested: Front Wing 65cm

Slingshot Says:

If you’re looking for a high-speed, big air wing that has grip to rail through turns and enough glide and float to cruise through the lulls or foil back-winded – this is your wing. The Infinity 65 is the fastest and most high performance wing in the Hover Glide range.

Visit for more info: www.slingshotsports.com/Hover-Glide-Infinity-65-cm-Carbon-Wing

Tkb Says:

If you’ve bought into Slingshot’s Hover Glide foil system there’s a large family of modular wings that you can swap into the mix by borrowing from the brand’s surf line of foil wings. One such surf wing that is recommended for kite foiling is the Infinity 65 (not to be confused with the SpaceSkate 65 which comes with the FSurf package). The Infinity 65 is a higher aspect foil with aggressive little winglets on its tips that offers up faster top-end speed. The Hover Glide package with the Infinity 65 wing features Slingshot’s super durable carbon front wing construction with an aluminum fuselage and an aluminum mast that requires three different Allen hex wrenches to assemble and disassemble the entire system. We rode the Infinity with the Fkite package which comes with the 71cm Hover Glide mast and 42cm stabilizer wing.

The Infinity 65 is a great wing for riders that want a higher top speed for covering larger distances and carving bigger slalom style carves. With a noticeably faster foil-up than the SpaceSkate that comes with the HoverGlide FKite package, you definitely want to accelerate this wing into and well beyond its foil-up speed to keep the Infinity 65 in its lift range which is medium to fast. We found that the pitch and roll axes were really reactive while the yaw felt a little bit more stable. The roll axis is very responsive with heel/toe input really going a long way, making carves super easy to initiate, railing from side to side with quick G-force inducing high-speed turns. The speed and nimble ability of the 65 helped during foil tacks  — little adjustments allowed us to pull off clutch transitions and the speed helped us rocket into just about everything. The Infinity 65 has a higher foil-down speed which means it isn’t the right wing for slowing down and carving tight turns on the face of small to medium waves, but rather it excels for big carves on open swells, with its higher speeds keeping up with the faster slopes out in the channel. The Infinity 65 has much more active handling than the other surf wings in SS’s lineup which makes it probably more of an intermediate and advanced wing that will satisfy the need for speed for more aggressive carve-oriented freeriders.

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