Canada is on the brink of losing access to its premier kiteboarding location, the Squamish Spit.

As it stands, the 1 kilometer of dike that accesses this world-class kiteboarding location could be removed in 2021. It is a part of a 5-million-dollar, multi-phased plan backed by the noble concept to save salmon. In theory eliminating the chunk of road may aid salmon fry in reaching the safe haven of the estuary before being shot out into the ocean – upping their survival rate. However the funding deadlines placed on this project have rushed the procedure. As a result there has been little time to collect data and have more detailed design input from other user groups.

What will remain of the dike is up in the air. Time constraints are pushing forward a proposal to leave the current roundabout as an island, leaving the more desirable option of creating an access berm from 3rd Avenue to this new location, on the floor. While kiters have no signed official assurance from government that they will be granted access to any remaining structure, they hope to lobby elected officials to selected the option with the berm. It is the only financially viable option for the Spit’s overseeing body – the Squamish Windsports Society.

The Squamish Spit is an ideal spot for windsports with thermal wind throughout the summer months. It serves as a training ground for Olympians and plays host to the Canadian Kiteboarding Freestyle Championships – KiteClash. The Squamish Spit has seen the likes of five-time world kiteboarding champion Aaron Hadlow and British champion and watersports ambassador Lewis Crathern ride its waters.

This petition asks that elected representatives back the development of a berm and officially granted access to that remaining structure.

Sign the petition here:

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