The second day of the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour got off to a smooth start at Kite Beach. The wind was (slightly) more favorable than the previous day, with around 25 knots blowing cross onshore, the swell was coming in a little bigger too. GKA organizers ran a Pure Wave format with 14 minute heats, and three minute breaks in between. Men were riding 7-9m kites and women were riding 6-9m kites. The sun came out, the crowds were dancing and the riders were excited to get on the water! Titik Lopes (CV) got the day off to a great start by scoring 11.46, the highest complete score for the men’s division in the first heat. He took Toni Ciliberto (IT) out of the competition and moves forward to Round 5, where he will take on Simon Joosten (BB).

The second heat of the day was just as exciting with Pedro Matos (BR) letting his Brazilian surfing experience shine through with some powerful hacks, and by ripping back on the tail of his board. He landed an insanely stylish 360 in the final seconds of his heat scoring a  respectable 11.13. He moves into Round 5 where he will be facing local favourite Djo Silva (CV).

Anderson Reboucas (BR) is another rider who’s surfing skills helped him in the trickier conditions of the afternoon. The Brazilian rode intelligently, and with strategic choice of the waves he rode, which gave him a complete score of 9.96 and advancing him into Round 5.There have been some surprise early exits from the event. Jan Marcos Riveras (DR) was knocked out by Nicola Abadjiev (BG) and his complete score of 9.97. Nicola will now face the youngster Charly Martin (RE) in Round 5. Camille Delannoy (FR) was also knocked out in his heat against Pedro Matos.

In the men’s division one round of eight heats was completed.

The women were not so lucky with the conditions this afternoon, the changing tides turned the waves into tricky mush, pushing the women to work hard for their points, and overall scores were low.

This was not the case for Stella Groschupf (DE). The young German impressed the crowds, and had them cheering when she scored 7.0 the highest single point of the day. The last turn on this wave had GKA beach commentator Jo Ciastula jumping out of his seat, and helped Stella win the highest combined score of the day, a solid 12.30. She will face Charlotte Carpentier (FR) in Round 3 tomorrow.

Marcella Witt (BR) won her heat against local rider Dianira Lopes (CV). With smooth links between waves she managed to get some power into her hacks, again it was obvious Marcella’s surfing background gave her that little bit extra needed in today’s conditions, and a respectable 8.60 complete score. Marcella will now face Ines Correia (PT) in Heat 1 tomorrow.

Another woman who managed to turn the mushy waves to her favour was Susanne Schwarztrauber (DE). She beat Julia Castro with a complete score of 8.03. Susanne will now face the powerhouse of day one, Peri Roberts (AU).

In the women’s division one round of eight heats was completed.There were fantastic displays of sportsmanship throughout the day, both on and off the water. They may be competitors on the water but riders are certainly friends and look out for each other even during heats.

Luis Brito (CV) took the time to relaunch his opponent, Arsenio Dias’s kite mid-competition. In David and Goliath esque reversal, Luis’ actions may have cost him his heat, as the other Cape Verdean went on to win with a complete score of 9.00, but there were clearly no hard feelings between the two, and both athletes wore big smiles as they came off the water.