For superb hangtime, low-end and hooked in performance, the Sonic sets new standards for high performance foil kites and brings the thrill back to flying. The balance of aggressive performance and precise control is the dream of every expert kiter. Pure Flysurfer power is sporty, fast and addictive and will have you defying the laws of physics.

“Get your hands on pure power; a true high performance wing that generates insane lift and thrills you to the bone.” — Chris Hesina, Flysurfer Marketing Manager.

The high flying speed of the SONIC is addictive, you hear how the wing accelerates through the power zone. You want to ride it fast and fly it aggressively. The exciting element here is the excellent handling, the precise control and great hang time. You have more time for tricks with the Twintip and maneuvers on the Hydrofoil. The SONIC flies very far to the wind window edge and runs outstanding upwind. The terrific stability helps to get the performance very easily in the light wind.

The SONIC needs an experienced kite skilled in dealing with foil kites, it flies more powerful, is harder to start and restart than the SOUL, and jump performance, upwind and spin are much better in a direct comparison of sizes 18/15. The SOUL is more benevolent and sits deeper in the wind window, has much more stability in strong winds and better usability in the whole. The products are clearly separated and tuned to the skill level.

The SONIC3 has a more stable center, is much easier to open when starting and is more stable at the edge of the wind window. It has more stability and can be controlled very well, when you push the limits. The depower is very
efficient, the glide ratio high and the hangtime terrific. The turning is pleasantly defined and the SONIC3 catches you perfectly after the jump. The SONIC2 has the better punch. The SONIC third-generation package is designed for easy- to-recall performance and has an immensely wide range of uses and improved safety.

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