Manera is excited to welcome Justine Dupont to the team! Justine is a big time wave charger and a really energetic waterwoman. Both versatile and a specialist, she’s as comfortable on a shortboard as on a longboard or a gun. She is obsessed with chasing the greatest waves in the world. Justine is passionate about the ocean and nature and also loves adventure and challenges.
Manera’s brand manager Julien Salles says, “Justine is an awesome surfer and human being in general, her philosophy and commitment really stick to Manera values and we are super stoked to have such a character as our women athlete.”


AGE: 29

HOMESPOT: Nazare, Portugal

FAVORITE MOVE: Bottom turn on a big wave

DREAM WAVE: A very big session at Nazare, glassy without any wind

3 REASONS TO GO SURFING: Spending time in the ocean, sharing sessions

INSPIRATION: Mike Horn, Julie Gautier, Guillaume Néry, Kilian Jornet…

FAVORITE MEAL: Chocolate cake!

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