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New year, new issue! Our Winter issue is on its way to subscriber mailboxes. On the cover: Backed by emerald green fields and the quaint stone village of Wine Strand Beach, Steven Akkersdijk scores this point break in County Kerry, Ireland. Having waited for the evening’s high tide, he dropped in on a few bombs before the wind completely shut off and he had to swim a half hour back to shore. According to Steven, the session was worth every stroke. // Photo Ydwer van der Heide

In this issue, Swiss photographer and Silvaplana local Lukas Pitsch trades his corporate desk job for a freelance camera career, we meet Brazilian parathlete Fernando Fernandes who just about the most capable kiteboarder around and follow Olivia Jenkins on a schooner expedition to search out left-handed perfection along Madagascar’s southwest coast. Paul Serin accounts one of the most remote kite explorations to date, Dutch kiteboarder Stig Hoefnagel goes head to head with Top Gear’s Stig in an all out kite vs. car race and we catch up with Youri Zoon as he trades in his contest jersey for a freeride itinerary to Iceland.

Profiles include fun-seeker Nick Weighall and Kite Pride founder Tabea Opplinger. Jesse Richman gives us a few tips on searching for XXL surf, then we look into American political impacts on the kiteboarding world and back on the legacy of the Mille Lacs Kite Crossing.

Tkb’s 2019 winter issue, Vol. 16, No. 4 is available now in coffee table print or through the convenience of your digital device.

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Having grown up in the Engadin Valley of the Swiss Alps, Lukas Pitsch has trained his lens on Lake Silvaplana’s iconic milky blue glacial waters, sound of music-esque hills and the legendary backgcountry snowkiting scene.

Brazilian athlete and male model, Fernando Fernandes, is just about as obsessed with kiteboarding as anyone else, except he kites without the use of his legs. Boosting off wave kickers and carving big turns, Fernando’s approach to kiteboarding has no limits.

Olivia Jenkins and Patri McLaughlin team up with Jalou Langeree and Ydwer van der Heide on a schooner expedition to search out left-handed perfection along Madagascar’s southwest coast.

Travel notes from the log of Paul Serin reveal Manera’s cold water explorations into the pristine landscape of Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula. As a restricted military zone during cold war era politics, the Russian outpost delivers undeveloped subarctic splendor and one of the most remote kite explorations to date.

The Stoke Farm pits professional Dutch kiteboarder Stig Hoefnagel against a fictional race car driver from Britain’s famed TV show Top Gear. In a knockout race through the Dutch countryside, the two helmet-clad characters dash over levees and down narrow canals for the title of ”˜The Real Stig.’

After 15 years circling the beaten track of the professional freestyle tour, Youri Zoon trades in his contest jersey for a freeride itinerary that allows unfettered freedom to explore the lesser known, yet equally spectacular kiteboarding destinations of the world.

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