The first harbingers of winter have already arrived in the northern hemisphere. The days are short and the weather inclement. The fair weather kitesurfer does not connect much with the dark and cold seasons, but the adventurous snowkiter, on the other hand, is preparing himself for his next outdoor adventure.

The fascination of climbing steep slopes even in the lowest wind speeds shifts the boundaries of possibilities and lets him dream of days filled with endless deep snow descents. Nothing inspires him more than exploring untouched terrain.

Because the PEAK is ideal as a touring kite in the snow, outstanding in light wind, has efficient depower, direct control and unique safety features, Flysurfer has decided to expand their single skin product line. Due to its impressive ability to generate traction, the 13m PEAK is a great addition to their freeride/progression line-up. This new size is especially beneficial to snowboarders or heavier riders allowing them to expand their playground to the maximum even on light wind days.

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