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The Duotone Academy App is proud to announce ten new kitesurf tutorials that will set you up for good. Backed by the best in the game: 4x World Champion Airton Cozzolino and 1x World Champion Matchu Lopes as well as seasoned experts, Sebastian Ribeiro, James Carew and Patri McLaughlin, this dream team takes us back to basics and we progress from there.

Kite steering in waves
Kite control is key when progressing, timing is everything in the waves. Nail this and the rest is a breeze.

Reading the wave
Learn the break, the banks, the reef, the apex. Read the wave and you’ll know how to ride it.

Basic wave riding (side & side-onshore)
Aggressive kite steering and timing are key to tackling this downwind form of riding.

Basic wave riding foot position
When, where and how you place your feet on the board will improve your moves on the wave.

Foot transition in the wave
Say goodbye to sticky situations with some fancy footwork that will give you more ways to ride the wave.

Escape after a crash
Learn how to regain control and body drag away from the impact zone.

Top turn
Start out on the open face of the wave and then move closer to the apex, adding in your own style as you go.

Beachstart in waves
A solid beachstart is your first step into waveriding.   

Foam Climb
The foam climb is a great move to ride over a section which is already broken or to finish off a wave.

The Frontside-Air-Reverse is one of the most technical moves in the waves. Knowing an aerial of the lip and a toeside air 360 will help you to learn this move faster!

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