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The Cabrinha Quest just started another 5-year long expedition this year, taking  guests and members to the most remote and dynamic kite and surf locations around the world. The guys at Cabrinha spoke with the crew about the first leg and what’s to come.

How have the first months onboard been and what were your destinations?

The first few months onboard have been epic. To be expected, each trip presented itself with a new set of challenges, but also rewarded us with unspoiled landscapes, perfect conditions and experiences that only come with traveling way off the beaten path. We took off from the Philippines in late May. From there we hit Wakatobi, an atoll off Southeast Sulawesi filled with unreal marine life, friendly people and plenty of wind. We spent all of June and July exploring these pristine waters, dividing our time equally between kiting, diving and getting to know the locals. From there we sailed 600 miles to the island of Sumbawa. The last time we were here was almost exactly ten years ago when we happened to arrive for the swell of the decade. While we didn’t have behemoth sets with 30ft faces this time around, we did luck into some solid swell and nearly flawless conditions. We wrapped this first season with a trip to Sumba, an island only 65 miles from Sumbawa, but a completely different landscape and culture. More of a surf location than kite, we found ourselves in the midst of a pumping swell. From sun up to sun down we surfed empty breaks miles from the closest village. The Quest is now headed to Thailand for a few cosmetic touch ups in preparation for year 2.

What has been the highlight so far? 

This is a tough one. Honestly each trip feels like one giant highlight reel. Whether it was diving in some of the most pristine, untouched waters in Wakatobi or getting barreled in Sumba, every day held its own unique adventure. If we had to choose one highlight in particular it would probably be watching Moona Whyte, Belinda Baggs and Liz Clarke charging a big day in west Sumbawas Scar reef. When the big sets rolled in, you could feel your entire body shake from the impact on the reef (and maybe a bit of excited nerves). The girls suited up, fearless as usual, and had the session of a lifetime as the sun rose above the mountains surrounding us. Glassy, massive sets rolled in one after another and Moona, Liz and Belinda took full advantage. This day was what the Quest is all about. Using Discovery to sit in perfect position outside of the break, watching three incredibly talented female surfers push and challenge themselves, and just admiring the utter beauty and power mother nature produces.

You just hosted Cabrinha team rider Moona Whyte and a group of female surfers, environmental activists and filmmakers onboard during your trip to Sumbawa. What was this trip like? 

This trip was nothing short of incredible. We were stoked to host surfers and activists Liz Clark, Moona Whyte, and Belinda Baggs, and filmmakers Sachi Cunningham and Scott Soens on board Discovery for 10 days of film-making, wave riding, kitesurfing and deep, moving discussions on how we can collectively help solve the Earth’s environmental crisis. These girls (& Scott) are absolute chargers and it was incredible to watch them work. We lucked into some pretty epic conditions for the entire trip. If the wind wasn’t suitable for kiting, then it was perfect for surf and vice versa. Safe to say we were never restless.

Year two is just around the corner. Which destinations are waiting to be explored by the Quest? 

We are so stoked for year 2. The Cabrinha Quest will sail across the Indian Ocean from the Maldives to the Seychelles, down to Madagascar, across to Mozambique, BACK to Madagascar and a stylish finish in the amazing Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique. Fascinating areas, amazing wildlife, reliable trade winds, epic epic waves and our own dose of doing things in style. You do not want to miss out on this season.

The catamaran was completely refitted before the start of this 5-year journey. What can guests expect for their stay onboard? 

The Discovery has successfully taken us to the ends of the Earth over the past 12 years and as such we wanted to make sure she was paid back in full for all she’s given us. Amongst a host of other improvements, Discovery has been fitted out with new engines, sails, rigging, electronics (thank you Garmin and Maxsea!), teak, hatches, a modernized galley, re-varnished interior, upholstery, a new dodger, tender, outboard, plumbing, and of course all new Cabrinha gear. The list goes on. She’s looking better than ever.

Are there any more free spots to go on the Cabrinha Quest? 

Yes! But not many. The time is now to get onboard…literally. To learn about our membership options click here. If you’re interested in signing up and becoming a member of The Cabrinha Quest follow the next steps under the membership tab on our website or simply shoot an email over to [email protected] and we will be happy to answer questions you may have about the program.

This article first appeared on Cabrinha’s blog here.