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When it comes to buying your dream kite getaway, there’s many variables to consider and plenty of pitfalls to suffer. First there’s location–consistent wind is key, then you’ll probably want decent infrastructure and last, but certainly not least, you’ll want to decide upon the type of home you want to purchase. For those moving full time to a windy destination it’s a different bucket of beans, but for those snowbirds moving south towards the equator for a 6-month getaway or those who want a quick weekend destination home, convenience is an essential part of the design.

What to do? Secure some land, build a home, or buy a pre-built house or condo? Christian Zapiain, an executive for Echelon Capital in La Ventana, Mexico, is a big fan of condos when it comes to the kite getaway investment. “When you’re buying a condo or anything already built, you escape the hassle of getting the title to land,” he explains. “If you’re buying land, you’ll have to go through paperwork with the city council to get your licensing and everything.” If you don’t speak fluent Spanish (or the native language of the land in which you’re purchasing property), dealing with the paperwork and the time spent processing can oftentimes be daunting.

If you’re looking into purchasing a condo, you “don’t have to find an architect,” Christian says, “it’s less custom but super convenient. Typically you will find that condo designs fulfill your basic needs so you can just kick back and be comfortable.” If your goal is to purchase a property for quick weekend getaways, there’s a good chance you’re going to be spending far more time at the beach (kiting your brains out) than in your home anyway. If time is of the essence, purchasing a turnkey location is far more appealing than spending an entire season holed up in a rental property dealing with the process of building and overseeing the construction.

Comfortable, modern living. Wake up, eat breakfast, go kite!

Christian points out that Calypso, Echelon Capital’s newest condo development has gated access, starts on the second level and is overseen by a property management company. While you’re gone, there’s no wondering whether someone is keeping an eye on your property or if the gardens are being taken care. There’s no fences to paint, plants to water or pool to maintain which ensures your holiday getaway is 100% kite and 100% fun.

Echelon Capital is now offering pre-construction opportunities to be a part of this architecturally designed 12 unit residential development located in the beautiful bay of La Ventana. The floor plan includes two bedrooms and two full bathrooms in a 1,076 square foot layout that start at $153,000.

As a kiteboarder himself, Christian is focused on making the condo units as kiter-friendly as possible including small touches like ground floor storage units for all of your kites/boards as well as water hoses on each side of the building to wash off all of your gear. All 12 units in the Calypso development feature either a picturesque view of the Sea of Cortes or the surrounding Cacachillas mountains.

Wake up to gorgeous views of the Sea of Cortez.

If socializing is your scene, some might find a condo isn’t big enough to host, yet Cristian’s Calypso development features a unique shared communal area on the roof which boasts two BBQ grills and two heated pools/jaccuzis for larger gatherings.

When it comes to designing your dream getaway, there’s a million things to take into consideration, but the most important is maximizing your time on the water. To learn more about Calypso and Christian’s other developments tune into https://echeloncapital.com.mx/english/