Santa Cruz surfer and tinkerer, Coleman Buckley, didn’t like the way his kitesurfing harness fit or functioned, and as he searched for something better, he realized what he wanted didn’t exist… so he set about creating it himself.

With the Pacific Ocean as his playground, inspiration and testing grounds, Buckley pieced together his first prototypes in a makeshift workshop in his garage. A few years later, Ride Engine was on the map, and Coleman’s innovations were credited for changing an entire industry.

Today, Ride Engine remains true to its original mission – not to create for the sake of creating, but to find problems, innovate and provide solutions that help connect people with their passions. Ride Engine’s mission is to make your experience with the ocean, adventure and the great outdoors as friendly and fulfilling as possible.

We featured Coleman’s story Engine 2.0 during its early stages in our 2015 fall issue. Give it a read here.

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