Check out the F-One Swing tutorial for learning how to waterstart with a wing on a SUP board.


  • Kneel on the board, with your wright positioned in the center (balance point) of the board.
  • Hold the wing over your head, extending your arms to prevent the wings tips from touching the water.
  • Tilt the wing and board in the direction you want to go – perpendicular to the wind direction veering into a broad reach to gain speed.
  • We can then begin to tug by pulling on the back hand (one closest to trailing edge of wing), to start taking a little speed.
  • Once balanced, you must turn slightly on the board pointing your chest forward, opening your body up and pointing yourself across the board (stagger your stance on your knees and open your body up pointing it in the direction you are moving), but still on your knees.


  • We can then start by lifting the front leg, to put a foot on the board. Wait until you are well balanced, then lift your back leg so that you are standing on the board.
  • Continue to tuck, arms up, to gain maximum speed and stay balanced.


  • The board accelerates and finishes up thanks to the foil. The feet must be correctly positioned for a good balance. If necessary, it is possible to pump a little to help the board to take off water.
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