Summer… it’s what every kid lives for. Fred Hope has lived the proverbial endless summer for the past 19 years of his life. Born to long time windsurfers, Fred found himself chasing the wind from and early age living a split year between La Ventana, Mexico and Hood River, Oregon. Every day presented a time, a place, and an opportunity to ride and get on the water. It wasn’t until this past year that Fred Hope found himself at the University of Seattle that his endless summer cycle had broken. Now, Fred has found his riding and life relegated by actual summers and the confines of growing up. However, this summer, Fred maybe has a different appreciation for water time, as it seemed that every waking minute and moment found his feet glued to a board on the Columbia River. Watch as longtime friend and avid filmer Kaden Sponhauer tries to follow Fred around during his short summer in Hood River.