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Sizes Available: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12m
Sizes Tested: 7, 9m

Naish Says:

The ideal choice to stoke out dedicated wavekiters, the 2020 Slash delivers unmatched drift, a wide wind range and quicker reaction time.

The leading edge bladder is tapered through the wingtip, creating a small diameter for fast turning speed and response. Providing incredible low-end power and the best down-the-line drift in the Naish line, the bar pressure is light to help fight fatigue and keep kiters on the water even longer. Made to take a beating in heavy surf, the Quad-Tex canopy remains the strongest material in the industry, while the leading edge seam features our exclusive HT+ thread that tested off the charts in strength. Thanks to the strength that Quad-Tex provides, Dacron strut panels can be removed without a loss of canopy rigidity, allowing for further weight reduction. Our unique Bladder Lock ensures there is no movement in the leading edge bladder or struts when inflating, deflating, crashing or packing.

The Slash has established itself as Naish’s premier wave kite, providing incredible down-the-line drift and stable flight, perfect for park-and-ride style kitesurfing.

Visit for more info: https://www.naishkites.com/product/slash

<h3>TKB Says:</h3>

The Slash is back for 2020 with its 3-strut medium to high aspect airframe with a sweptback leading edge closer to the wingtips. The Slash takes a different approach to wave riding with a slightly higher aspect profile for a kite that really wants to steer and drive. This year the Slash got a completely redesigned inflation system. Instead of the octopus system of year’s past, the Slash has a simplified single inflation/deflation point which uses a high flow push button valve. With the previous system you had to let air out of the struts via small individual valves, but this year the struts deflate through the main valve so you don’t have to open/close and double check the valves on the struts during re-inflation, simplifying the rigging/pack-down process.

The Slash features a single setting shorter length bridle with a sliding pulley that is short enough that it won’t wrap around the wingtip in the waves. The front bridle attachment point ends in a knot and the wingtip ends in a loop/larkshead. The wingtip offers three settings for tuning between light/heavy bar pressure, with the factory setting being in the middle. There are tons of small construction details like the Quad-Tex material, shark teeth trailing edge and bladder lock strut systems that demonstrates Naish’s quality build and attention to detail.

The first thing we noticed when we tacked out on the Slash was its very comfortable light bar pressure and sheeting which takes advantage of the bar’s medium to longer length throw. Right off the bat we felt the Slash’s solidly crisp turning response which combined with the lighter bar pressure to offer a really comfortable ride that causes less fatigue and makes it really easy to control the kite with precision. The Slash has a little bit wider of a turning arc with its higher aspect air frame, so it feels like it turns a bit more off the wingtips and builds a little bit more power through the turns. The Slash also tends to build more power as it moves across the window, and while it has plenty of down wind drift, it’s nimble steering works well for actively flying the kite across the window in our side-on conditions. We found the Slash really shines when flown aggressively across the window, matching every move with quick response while feeling nimble in the air. The Slash has good range; it tends to build a ton of power when the apparent wind kicks in and you can feel that pull and with the medium plus length throw you will have to push the bar out a little bit farther to access this kite’s full depower, but the depower is definitely there when you need it. Overall, the Slash had a ton of usable range and a really comfortable bar control with light bar pressure over a longer length of throw. The crisp turning response and fast turning speed made it really easy to generate power and place the kite in position and makes a great candidate for those who want a responsive fast moving kite for wave riding.

Our Slash came with Naish’s Torque ATB 55 (Above the Bar power adjustment) control bar which features new color coding with blue on the right and red on the left. This bar features a dual adjustable length bar (45-51cm) with a single center-line safety depower, low V, spectra sheeting/throw line, replaceable insert, no sliding stopper, and above the bar clam cleat power adjustment with an easy adjustable length throw. The quick release integrates a below the bar swivel which keeps the rigging above the bar refreshingly simple and doubles as a quick release guard. The quick release handle cocks in an upward position when released, yet it is worth noting that reassembly requires the rider put the end of the loop back in to the mechanism, raise the release the handle and then drop it back into place””its clean, functional and easy to use with two hands for reset. The Torque’s center lines end in loops and the outside lines end in knots with clear line and pigtail color coding (center lines are grey, left is red, right is blue). Shipped stock with 24m non-extension lines, the bar’s  molded foam floats are integrated into the bar ends and are flexible enough to fold down quickly and easily for a painless wrap job. Retractable bungees have an easy to grab tab and a solid clip to ensure your lines stay on the bar between sessions while the Torque’s adjustable bar ends make it easy to adjust the effective length of the bar and also allow you to tune the outside lines for length in the event of line stretch. Rounding out the design, the chicken finger is a rigid material that ensures against foul hooks and can be rotated out of position for easy hook and unhooking for the more aggressive freestyle riders out there. The grip has a nice rubber feel with a solid texture and an ergonomic shape that accommodates both riders with wide and narrow grip stances (smaller bar diameter in the center for narrow grip stance riders). Overall, the Torque has the unique distinction of packing a ton of useful features into a light to medium weight and well designed package.

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