Sizes Available: 5’0” x 18” x 2 1/8”, 21L, 5’2” x 18 1/2” x 2 1/4”, 23.4L, 5’4” X 19” X 2 3/8”, 26.4L
Sizes Tested: 5’2” x 18 1/2” x 2 1/4”, 23.4L

Duotone Says:

The 2019 Pro Whip CSC features a subtle winger in the outline behind the front fins, which reduces the tail area slightly. This prevents the tail lifting out during high-speed turns and also allows for tighter snaps and more precise and controlled rail and fin release. The deep twin channel running from the nose to the tail gives the Whip incredible directional stability and a very balanced and controlled feel while still allowing for maximum maneuverability. The result is a modern board with remarkable control, balance, speed and the ability to carve smooth arcs and radical top to bottom vertical snaps. The Pro Whip also features a double concave deck shape, optimized volume distribution to aid control and a subtle grab rail for strapless tricks. The Pro Whip utilizes our Light Team Construction and is the ultimate weapon when you want to shred small to medium sized waves.

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Tkb Says:

The Pro Whip is back for another year with Duotone’s high tech vacuum epoxy construction, carbon beam and cork shock absorber technology that melds lightweight strapless performance with solid flex feel in the surf. The Whip sports a solid amount of rocker from the nose to the tail with a double concave with a center V which splits across the center thruster fin. The Whip features a thruster setup with the TSM pro 1 fins with Future-style fin boxes with the screw inserts both on one side. The template offers some solid width under the front foot with subtle wings transitioning into a squash style tail. The Whip sports a corduroy textured ¾-length deckpad with tons of coverage for clumsy footwork with medium firm/plush density that helps keep the weight down. It’s worth noting, the Pro Whip doesn’t come with inserts for straps, so this is a dedicated strapless board. With a sunken deck around your front foot your control and contact gets a low center of gravity and the rail offers a channel that is really easy to grab during strapless airs. The back foot kickpad has a little bit of a raised bump under your foot with a solid sized kick in the back to keep your foot on the board.

We’ve always been impressed with Duotone’s Pro level construction for its balance between low weight and durability which is important for the extra beatings that comes with strapless freestyle. Even if you think of the Whip as a strapless freestyle board, it seems as if this board has evolved over time to be super fun in medium and smaller sized surf. The Whip seemed to carve really well with user-friendly turn initiation and fairly solid grip on bottom turns and through the lip. We found that the nose has enough rocker to square up vertical with good sized waves and release from the lip while sticking solid drops without burying the nose –and this really heightened the fun factor in medium sized waves. The rounded outline in the template seemed to allow the Whip to transition from casual bottom turns into hard carves off the tail creating confidence and predictability just after a few waves which proves this board more than just freestyle stick.

In terms of strapless freestyle the Pro Whip is super easy to load up and release into the air with a nice clean release. Its overall light weight really helps the board stick to your feet during strapless maneuvers and the low swing weight in the nose really adds confidence to strapless rotations. We did notice that when grinding upwind we did move our back foot a little bit farther forward to engage the mid-section of the rail and create more stability to drive through the chop, probably in part because the Whip is so ready to initiate turns off the tail. We found the upwind ability of the Whip great, and like many MPH style boards, it feels fast and efficient through the water. The Whip is one of those boards that demonstrates the progress that is being made in cutoff shapes that are equally capable in freestyle as well as performance surfing in waves.