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Day two of the 2019 Hood Jam presented by Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel saw classic Hood River conditions. The wind was strong straight from the morning and mens heat 2 and 3 took to the water to ride the session kicker and finish off round 1.

In men’s heat 3, both Brandon Sheid and Noรจ Font put down solid hits and secured their spot in the final.
In the second heat of the day it was Ewan Jaspan and Sam Light that took the top spots and went straight through to the final. Eric Rienstra, Brendan Kerr and Artem Garashchenko all got a second chance in the dingle elimination.

The battle for the final three spots through the dingle elimination was tight. The dingle elimination started in strong wind, fully powered on 7m, 8m and 9m kites. The guys were sending it and no one was holding back in the battle for the remaining 3 spots in the Hood Jam 2019 final. Ramiro Gallart landed a massive heelside frontside 720 (scoring a 7.2) whilst Alex Maes did a clean frontlip gap backside 270 on the Cabrinha to Duotone which also scored a 7.2. Local rider Blaine Baker landed a super clean crowmobe off the session kicker, but it is Lucas Arsenault who landed great tricks on all 3 features taking the lead going into the last rail (Duotone Incline to Corrugated pipe). The ranking is very close and anyone could still make up the difference on the last rail!

In the women’s division, it was the top riders that kept their lead from yesterday. Karolina Winkowska and Katie Potter in heat 1 and Colleen Carroll and Annelous Lammerts in heat 2 who will all compete in the final and tomorrow. The women’s dingle elimination continued to see which other two women would take the last two spots in the final.

Unfortunately, the wind went too south at the end of the day and the competition was called off. Stay tuned! After the dingle, the Hood Jam will move straight into the finals.