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Sizes Available: 5’4″ x 17.25″ x 1.87″, 19.3L, 5’6″ x 17.75″ x 2″, 21.2L, 5’8″ x 18.18″ x 2.18″, 23.91L, 5’10” x 18.62″ x 2.32″, 27.1L, 6’0″ x 19″ x 2.4″, 29.7L
Sizes Tested: 5’8″ x 18.18″ x 2.18″, 23.91L

Patagonia Says:

The Shrike is all about high performance “surfing with a kite.” It will allow you to snap tightly in the pocket, or go way beyond vertical and fin-free. It will square off the bottom tightly and with enough speed to fit twice the full-power-turns into a normal section – which allows you to keep tension on your lines and drift your kite. Works great as a daily driver but really comes alive in bigger, more powered conditions. Extra glass for durability but still maintains true surfboard weight and flex. The single concave bottom provides a good planing surface for lots of drive. Our boards are made with MARKO composite “iFoam” for chop-dampening control, flex, maneuverability. The 5-fin setup allows you to ride the board as a Thruster or as a quad. Our stock kiteboards do not come with foot strap inserts, for strapped riding, contact us for custom inserts.

Visit for more info: www.fcdsurfboards.com/shrike

Tkb Says:

We’ve tested the FCD Shrike in the 5’10 size and now for this test we got to ride the Shrike in the 5’8” size and while it’s tough to say that we have a favorite amongst so many high performing surfboards these days, the 5’8” Shrike’s speed, control and maneuverability certainly places it at the top of our list. The Shrike features a performance oriented narrow short board shape with medium thickness rails and a single concave from nose to tail. The Shrike comes with a 5-fin setup, but we chose to ride the Shrike as a 3-fin thruster. In our package we received Patagonia branded fins that are made out of recycled fishing net plastic, offering a good solid feel while saving the ocean from our plastic-infused lifestyle. The Shrike sports FCD’s special foam and layup which strikes an excellent balance between flex, durability and low weight. The Shrike is a dedicated strapless surfboard (if you want foot belts you’re going to have to special order them or whip out your router).

From the get go it was clear that the Shrike is geared for high performance surf with its precision and control carving that achieves an amazing balance between highly reactive turning and grip that works in everything from small trashy surf to head high ballsy lip bashing. Compared to some of the boards in our test, the Shrike doesn’t have quite as much rocker in the tail which leads to a little more control and fairly well-mannered tracking while racing upwind through the chop. For those more aggressive riders, this rail control allows you to commit heavily into high speed bottom turns and attack the lip with confidence knowing that the fins and squash tail will hold and release on command. When the surf was smaller we practiced 360 off the lips, drop wallets and ollies with excellent results, but at the same time we found this same board stepped up in shoulder high waves, turned on a dime, locked into whatever trajectory we set and filleted lips, dominated large drops and was already ready for the next bottom turn.

In addition to its impressive surf pedigree, the Shrike is also a super playful board that easily integrates strapless freestyle in between waves. With its lighter weight, the Shrike loads and pops out of the water and completes front and back rolls with ease with a durable construction that can take the beatings. Comparing the 5’8” to the 5’10,” we found the 5’8” a bit more responsive to smaller inputs and better suited to tighter turns that makes it fun in both small and medium sized waves. Overall, the Shrike is a really solid option for performance-oriented surfers that want control and snappy performance with a board that can be pushed hard and deliver you to your limits.