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Sizes Available: 4’8″ x 17.4″ x 2″, 18L, 5’0″ x 17.7″ x 2.1″, 21L
Sizes Tested: 5’0” x 17 7/10” x 2 1/10”

Slingshot Says:

New for 2020, the Sci-Fly is a modern short board designed for aerials and powered-up, progressive freeriding. A parallel rail outline helps with edging and load/pop off the water, while relative high rocker helps soften landings, helps prevent nose diving and gives the board a looser, skate-like feel. To aid in mid-air maneuvers, the Sci-Fly has top and bottom grab rails for easy grip and a chopped nose that reduces swing weight. A winged diamond tail gives the board plenty of back-end grip and a clean exit when releasing f rom the water.

Visit for more info: https://www.slingshotsports.com/2020-SCI-FLY

Tkb Says:

New for 2020 the Slingshot Sci-Fly has been added to the Slingshot surfboard lineup as a purpose-designed board for surf-focused freestyle. At first look, this board has the usual look of a Tomo style cutoff nose board with a modern hull planing shape, but after riding it we learned this is a unique animal that excels for the aerial surf artist. The Sci-Fly comes with FCS2 reactor fin boxes and medium sized FCS fins. The deck is covered in a ¾ length corduroy deck pad that’s fairly thin and adds a good amount of traction with a fairly minimal plush feel that offers excellent contact with the board, giving riders a comfortable yet direct connection between your inputs and the board. Some traction pads err on the side of comfort, but this pad seems to fall more on the side of performance. With pre-cut holes the pad contributes to the board’s overall light weight. This board comes with front foot inserts down the center line with four options for forward and aft strap placement and on the tail it has four options forward and aft with two options side to side for setting the strap to duck stance for your back foot.

In terms of hull shape the Sci-Fly has a lot of rocker in the nose and a good amount of rocker in the tail with a fairly flat section in the middle sporting a single full length concave down the center. It’s got the cutoff nose and the wing design in the tail. Our initial impression of this board is that it feels really fast and efficient through the water, most likely due in part to the center section which allows the board to rocket upwind quite well. At first the board felt really skatey going upwind, but we quickly discovered that was because our back foot was placed behind the tail’s wing; once we moved that foot forward the board was much more predictable and better controlled while going upwind. When you drop in on a wave, just moving your back foot back makes the board become extremely lively and exceptionally easy to initiate turns. This board is really active and fun for small to medium sized surf, making those less optimal wave days still really fun. When it comes to strapless freestyle, the lightweight construction allows the board to stick to your feet during larger airs and rotations while the rails have grab indentations that allow a solid grip of the board during more aggressive maneuvers. In terms of load and pop, the Sci-Fly is fairly easy to load, release and pop out of the water for strapless airs, and that’s where this board really begins to shine with its shape and lightweight construction. This is a big year for Slingshot with its new construction methods that make a huge difference in the performance of all of their boards and the release of the Sci-Fly is perhaps one of those models where that weight really allows this board to be a top performer. Overall, the Sci-Fly is a good board for the rider mixing small to medium sized conditions with some strapless freestyle and progressive aerial tricks in the waves.