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Sizes Available: 4’8″ x 16.37″ x 1.88″, 17.3L, 5’0″ x 17.37″ x 2″ 21L, 5’2″ x 17.87″ x 2.1″, 23.3L, 5’4″ x 18.37″ x 2.2″, 25.6L
Sizes Tested: 5’2″ x 17.87″ x 2.1″, 23.3L

FCD Says:

Everyone seems to have a cut-off-nose style board these days, but with our kite-optimized rocker and features, the Blunt is becoming a favorite in all conditions. The Blunt carves in a very tight radius turn instead of having to “fight” the rocker and fins. The quad fins and concave/4-channel bottom give you edge control and speed to get you upwind faster when it’s light. This also overcomes bad current with speed and power and planing area. Because of its outline, the board sticks to your feet in the air during strapless freestyle tricks. With a pre-shaped deck depression/grab channels lower your center of gravity and make it feel like your “old favorite.”

Our boards are made with MARKO composite “iFoam” for chop-dampening control, flex and maneuverability. Our stock kiteboards do not come with foot strap inserts, for strapped riding, contact us for custom inserts.

Visit for more info: www.fcdsurfboards.com/blunt

Tkb Says:

This board is FCD’s take on the modern planing hull design with the chopped off nose, parallel rail and noticeably wide nose and tail. The bottom features a single concave from the nose to channels in the tail with a good amount of rocker in the nose and tail with a fairly straight section under foot. Without inserts, this board is designed for pure strapless surf riding and flippy tricks. The rails have a slight concave for grabs and this model comes with a quad future finbox setup featuring Patagonia branded fins that are made out of recycled fishing net plastic, offering a good solid grippy feel while saving the earth’s oceans. The board came to us with an Octopus brand tail pad (https://octopusisreal.com/) and we rode it with wax under the front foot.

This board felt like one of the lighter boards in the test; it offers really solid well-built construction while keeping the weight nice and light (all the other cutoff boards in our test came with ¾ deckpads which probably added weight, so not necessarily apples to apples). The Blunt had all the classic characteristics of a MPH design and felt refreshingly fast and nimble in the water while excelling in the flippy tricks strapless freestyle department. We found this cutoff to be one of the few boards that scored equally high in its wave riding performance as its strapless freestyle. The Blunt carves effortlessly in smaller waves and with some extra back foot pressure really drives toward the wave and snaps cleanly off the lip. The width and speed felt really forgiving in trashy surf and helped us lineup multiple sections even when our timing was off or the wind was a hair bit light. The transition from toe-edge to heel-edge is very easy, making the board feel very active and easy to shift from rail to rail going down the line. Sometimes we have a hard time sticking large off the lip hacks on chest to should high waves with cutoffs, but the Blunt’s nose rocker made the drop every time, almost as if she had the more sexy template of a conventional shortboard.

When it comes to flippy tricks the board’s overall light weight really helps in terms of levitating the board against your feet. The Blunt proved super helpful for landing bigger strapless airs as well as front and back rolls because its overall lightweight construction makes it really easy to launch out of the water for user-friendly load, pop and release. Once you get the Blunt out of the waves it seems like it wants to stick to your feet. One of our favorite things about this board was just doing little double-up gap jumps over waves on the way out; sometimes you need to accelerate mid-air and when you yank your kite to clear the gap, this board seemed glued to your feet in all situations – it felt like magic. For those longer, giant sustained airs we found the subtle concave channel along the rail made it easy to grab and hold the board in place for the duration of the flight. We might be gushing here, but the Blunt is a board that ticked off all the boxes for strapless surf and freestyle and held its own through medium sized waves with tons of glide and drive, and was really fun and confident carving on wave faces. We strongly advise you to run, don’t walk, to your nearest Blunt demo opportunity.