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Only an hour’s flight away from Melbourne, Australia lies the island of Tasmania, or as it was originally named, ‘Van Diemen’s Land.’ Having only visited once before as a kid, all I knew of it was that its rough, weather-beaten coastlines would have to be home to some adventurous kite conditions.

Our trip started in the island’s capital city, Hobart, where we rented an RV and drove straight to the opposite side of the island in the northwest, close to Cape Grim—the windiest place in Australia. Arriving at Stanley, the only kite spot we knew of for sure, we were greeted with a large lagoon, 20 knots of wind and a classic Tasmanian cloudy sky. After scoring some solid conditions our crew loaded up the RV and followed Google Maps along 3,100 miles of coastline in search of new kite locations.

We ended up kiting every day, shooting some great locations and had conditions ranging from sunny foiling and prime freestyle to one of the windiest and gustiest sessions of our lives. This trip reinforced the value of exploring the unknown rather than repeating the standard kite spots; it delivered exactly what we were after and broadened our minds as to the expansive reach of the open road… To see the full photo essay become a subscriber of Tkb Magazine.

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