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Sizes Available: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 , 12, 14m
Sizes Tested: 8, 10m

Liquid Force Says:

Our goals for the WOW v4 were to improve response from the bar, increase turning speed, and tighten the axis point radius of the turning arc while retaining the superior slack line drift the WOW has always been known for. To accomplish this, our design change started with an exploration of a completely new profile and shape. After countless hours of computer-aided design, numerous prototypes and months of testing, we have arrived at a new profile arc and a new “boxey” shape that meet all of our design goals. Increased bar response improves the intuitive feel, rapid pivotal turning axis lets you precisely place the kite where you want it and the smooth power delivery can easily be dumped on demand to handle erratic and gusty wind or to grant complete depower for surfing without the power of the kite. We didn’t stop with just a new profile and overall shape. The wingtips of the WOW v4 have evolved to be more elongated, so the kite can handle more rear-line tension. This helps eliminate back-stalling and provides rapid re-launch. It also permits a more aggressive use of the new profile in lighter wind, making it possible to size down and ride with confidence. Legendary Liquid Force bomb-proof construction combines with newly added performance features, including the use of Teijin Triple Ripstop canopy and an infused strut connection that adds stiffness to the overall canopy profile, making for a reactive platform that reduces distortion and flutter.

Visit for more info: liquidforcekites.com/product/wow-v4

TKB Says:

The Wow V4 is Liquid Force’s 3-strut medium aspect surf kite featuring a smaller diameter leading edge, thinner struts and an overall light weight canopy that feels responsive and quick to turn. The WOW features LF’s Max Flow large diameter inflation valve which requires a proprietary LF pump nozzle (the Wow also has a standard 9mm valve if you lose the extra wide nozzle that comes with every kite and attaches to the standard pump hose) which makes inflation and deflation noticeably easy. The Wow features a single setting fixed bridle and three wingtip settings to adjust bar pressure with the stock setting in the middle. The LE bridles end in a loop and the wingtip attachment points end in a knot.

We flew this kite in overpowered to underpowered conditions and came away super impressed with the Wow’s low-end performance. With no battens in the wingtips and lighter use of dacron, the airframe on the V4 feels noticeably light and responsive. Right off the bat we noticed the light to medium bar pressure and the longer length throw in the bar. That tremendously light feeling in the air really came alive in our underpowered session —  the kite moved quickly and built good power when it was needed most. The power delivery along the longer throw felt progressive and predictable and the lighter bar pressure felt good in our hands after a long day of kiting. The Wow feels like it has fairly quick turning initiation in a tight pivot style turn, but it also felt like there was some windup in the overall turning speed, accelerating through the turn. We found that the kite drifts fairly well and when flown within its range its turning speed and pivot steering made it quite easy to keep it powered in the zone while surfing side-on conditions. When we first tested this kite in overpowered conditions the V-split was set too low on the center lines and the extra canopy movement/luffing was transferring back to the bar. We moved the V-split higher and the canopy felt more stable with cleaner bar feedback and better performance in overpowered conditions. At the end of the day we dropped the Wow on the inside with whitewater everywhere and yet in the lighter wind it relaunched surprisingly well, particularly in a clutch moment which saved us a ton of grief. We found the Wow to be super fun and easy to maneuver in performance wave riding and really excelled on the lower side of its wind range. Everything about the Wow screams super smooth with good power and nimble steering that should put this kite at the top of every wave rider’s must-try demo list.

This year the Mission bar received a color upgrade, getting a very clear red colored grip on the left and black colored grip on the right. Last year the Mission was an entirely new bar with an expansive list of features while still keeping the design clean and simple. The Mission Control features an adjustable length bar (available in two sizes: 40/46cm, or 49/55cm), durable large diameter PU coated sheeting/throw line, no sliding stopper, and a single center-line safety depower with an adjustable V (high or low by loosening a nut and changing height). As we noted above, we preferred the V-split set higher up on the center lines for more airframe stability. The safety line is routed down the center of the PU coated sheeting/throw line which is new this year and offers less friction when moving the bar up and down the throw. The Mission Control bar uses a stainless steel depower cam cleat and Velcro on the depower control toggle to keep excess slack from tangling. The Mission Control comes with a new quick release design that features a below the bar hand swivel/release with an integrated travel guard above the push away quick release. The quick release is designed to readily click into an auto reset position when the release handle is pushed away with the idea that reassembly on the water is quick and super easy by pushing the loop back into its gate. The center lines end in a knot (color coded red and gray) and the outside lines end in loops (color coded red and gray); the bar’s throw length is not adjustable and its floats are no longer integrated into the bar ends which is purposeful for a more flexible connection between the bar and the outside lines. The tips of the bar are soft and this year the bar end color coding is a bit more pronounced with both the grip and the bar end in red coloring to set off the left side. The outside leader lines allow riders to adjust the length of the outside lines for stretch or tuning with three knots (stock setting on shortest setting). The bar grip falls on the narrow diameter side at the ends and has a thicker diameter at the center with the tactile grip of the bar having a rubbery grip which feels fairly dense and grippy. Overall, the Mission Control bar is a well-thought-out system that offers a good mix of features and safety in a very functional package that exemplifies clean but function-rich bar design.

Visit for more info on the bar: liquidforcekites.com/product-category/control-system