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Sizes Available: 5’0″ x 18″ x 2.1′, 21L, 5’6″ x 18.5″ x 2.3″, 25L, 5’10” x 19.5″ x 2.3″, 28L
Sizes Tested: 5’6″ x 18.5″ x 2 3/10″

Slingshot Says:

Returning for 2020 the Celero FR is ENTIRELY NEW and REBUILT. Designed for versatility and reliability in all conditions, f rom underpowered and mushy to shore pound, rolling river swell, high-speed down winders and overhead man eaters. NEW for 2020, we updated the rails for a slightly more parallel outline, which translates to a bit more upwind drive and pop for aerials. We also changed to a squash tail, giving the Celero FR more lift and low-end drive and a looser feel. This is the all-around, one board quiver our lineup. For 2020, all Slingshot surfboards feature new construction that makes them significantly lighter and gives a more connected surfboard feel while maintaining the durability needed to stand up to the sport of kitesurfing.

Visit for more info: https://www.slingshotsports.com/2020-Celero-FR

Tkb Says:

The Celero is one of Slingshot’s classic surfboard shapes that has gotten a major upgrade this year with a completely new construction process that has significantly lowered the weight on this board from years past. From the second you pick this board up on the beach you will notice its lightweight feel and it pays massive dividends in performance on the water. The Celero also received some changes to its template which integrates slightly straighter rails into the wider template with a single concave running the entire length of the hull and a single-winged mini squash tail instead of the winged pin in years prior. The Celero comes with footstrap inserts, offering four forward/aft centered inserts for the front foot and four forward/aft options for the back footstrap that also allows two duct options for both stances. Our board came with a front and tail and deck pad that offers good coverage with a fairly thin EVA material with a grid and round perforations for grip that likely also help to keep the weight down. The Celero came with the FCS2 fin boxes which are really easy to pull out the Accelerator mediums sized fins in and out from the classic 3-fin thruster setup.

The Celero takes a really fascinating approach to an all-around kitesurfing board with its classic short board nose, rounder template and the winged tail. This configuration ends up working quite well because it allows the board to have a wider template that gives you more volume and glide underfoot and the narrow-winged tail still allows the board to be really turny when you shift your weight back onto the tail. We noticed for foot placement, we rarely needed to put our foot as far back as the kick all the way at the end, and it seemed like our foot had a bit more room since the tail seems to be a little bit wider than previous versions. In the water we could feel the new lightweight construction immediately — the Celero accelerates a bit faster and reacts to inputs much quicker, yet it doesn’t have that super stiff carbon feel. Some ultra-light carbon boards can be tough on your feet, yet this build has some flex that makes the ride still quite comfortable. When it comes to surfing, the wider template gives you some extra volume and good glide down the face of the wave making perfect kite power less essential. The fins and the tail feel fairly loose compared to the Tyrant; the Celero has a playful forgiving grip that is fun to blow out in the lip or finish with an ollie roundabout. The Celero serves up a nice kind of playful fun ride that goes rail to rail really easily and works really well in small to medium and less organized surf. When it comes to turning through the lip, the board pivots really easily and is incredibly user-friend and forgiving.

When you load the board up for jumps you can feel the board just wants to exit the water and you don’t have to concentrate on keeping the board glued to your feet – the lower weight construction makes a huge difference for strapless airs. For those bigger jumps the board will stick with you and it makes front and back roll strapless rotations much easier, yet the construction still feels solid so we never worried about the landing.

Ultimately, the Celero is a great board for the all-around rider that is looking for a user-friendly board that has a ton of range in a wide variety of conditions. Light wind sessions, casual strapless freestyle, it does it all while still being quite fun and turny in small to medium junky surf. The changes in construction and rail shape are a huge improvement for the Celero this year and definitely merit a demo session if possible or at least a good old kicking of the tires at your local retailer.