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Sizes Available: 5’6” x 17 5/8” x 2”, 20.4L, 5’8” x 18” x 2 1/8”, 23L, 5’10” x 18 5/16” x 2 1/4”, 25.4L
Sizes Tested: 5’10” x 18 5/16” x 2 1/4”, 25.4L

Duotone Says:

It’s difficult to create a board that can perform right across the wave spectrum, ask anyone who’s ridden a WAM though and they will tell you this board cracks it. A slightly fuller outline was added to a traditional shape to make the WAM a little more compact than most surfboards. The squash tail and optimized volume accentuate this, and these features are the key to its success. They also combine to make the WAM fantastic in light winds and smaller waves enabling the board to float through lulls and weaker sections. The impressive top end speed allows it to excel in fast hollow waves too. Built using the robust vacuum Bamboo Tec Construction the WAM is also very durable. It’s a fantastic all-rounder and the perfect one board quiver for the rider who wants a board that can handle everything.

Visit for more info: www.duotonesports.com/kiteboarding/boards/surfboards/wam

Tkb Says:

The Duotone Wam combines Duotone’s high tech vacuum epoxy construction, carbon beam and cork shock absorber wizardry with a performance shape that delivers quick and lively carving response with reliable and fun control in a large range of conditions. The Wam has enough rocker in its narrow template to be super fun in small surf with easy slashing but also delivers edge control that shines in shoulder to head high surf. We’re big fans of the control and stability you get out of the squash tail and the speed and edge control you get out of the single to subtle double concave hull. The Wam comes with Duotone’s fin system between two screws from one side, their own propriety system. With fairly tight surf rails and a sunken deck, the Wam blurs the line between classic high performance surfing and strapless freestyle. In the Pro construction, the Wam is a dedicated strapless model with no inserts for footstraps and with all its construction tech delivers a durable board built for a beating at a really impressive light overall weight that has really established standards for production surfboards. The Wam can stand up to serious strapless abuse and still feels really light in your hands, staying glued to your feet during bigger airs and aerial rotations. When it comes to surfing, you can feel the Wam’s performance rocker as you’re riding upwind. It’s got a little bit of that skatey feeling and is very reactive to chop, but it’s this same active response that makes it super fun when you drop into waves. The narrower classic surf template seems to deliver a good balance between control and quick turn initiation that allows you to be really aggressive at higher speeds. The Wam loves to lay hard into the lip, snap real tight turns and load into the next bottom turn with control to naturally transition into the next section. The flex on the Wam is one of the key points of the Duotone construction as the mix of carbon beam and cork layers gives the board a fair amount of flex for a production kitesurf board.

For those that like to mix their performance wave riding with strapless freestyle, the Wam is an excellent candidate to mix the two. The lower weight on the Wam works great for launching bigger strapless airs and makes completing front and back rotations quite easy. The load, release and pop is quite easy to execute and produces solid spring into airs. The recessed deck creates a solid hand hold along the rail for grabbed airs, so there’s no excuse for losing your board on those strapless kiteloops.

The Wam continues to line up aggressive surf performance with the perfect blend of speed, carving and control that keeps small surf fun but really comes alive in good sized high quality waves. The Pro Wam ticks off a lot of boxes on our list and deserves a top spot on every kitesurfer’s demo list.