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On Saturday, June 15th, the Kailua Kiteboarders Club (KKC) held its 1st annual KKC Classic, a kiteboarding and windsurfing fundraising contest to raise club funds for Kailua kiting beach safety awareness, signage, and kiting incidentals.
The event kicked off Thursday evening with a pre-race/ocean safety party at Boardriders Bar & Grill, at which riders picked up their registration packets and reviewed the event schedule and course routes. Saturday’s competition began at 8:00am with the start of a downwind race from Waimanalo to Kailua Beach, with various categories of riders racing, including foilers, twin tip riders, and windsurfers.

The wind proved challenging, with many riders not finishing, but a few did conquer the conditions: first place finishers included Yang Fung in the foiling division, Samuel Perez Hults in twin tip, and Josh Seymour in windsurfing. Following the downwinder, competitors gathered at Kailua Beach for the course racing, big air, and freestyle components of the competition (which could not all be completed due to weather conditions). Participants rounded out the day with a post-race party and awards ceremony at Nico’s Kailua.

In all, nearly 60 competitors participated in the KKC’s inaugural contest, smashing all expectations for the fledgling event and generating over $2,000 for the club. Participants reflected the diversity in kiteboarding’s popularity, drawing riders from 10 to 70 years old to join in the fun.