Head Judge of the Kite Park League, pro rider and first-rate legend Alexander Lewis Hughes knows all too well the importance of good execution, style and power. As one of the most experienced riders in the industry, he is renowned for his passion, technicality and precision. In his AMP’hetamine video, he takes us on a trip across the idyllic Brazilian lagoons, showing us what Ozone’s AMP v1 is made of whilst hitting the rails and wakeskating his heart out.

“This edit was so much fun. Having a really solid crew of friends and extended KPL family has kept me motivated and progressing. There’s so many talented riders on the tour with highly diverse bags of tricks it blows my mind. Having Karolina, Annelous and Alex all put in the work to help document my riding was a huge gift, I don’t often get to film much because honestly I just don’t have the time or budget to do that. The majority of the project was filmed over a month in Iqcapui at the Kitemansion in Brazil, I wanted to get more stuff there (mainly kicker) but I got injured and put a hole in my bicep and hyperextended my knee. The few air tricks were filmed in Australia on my first two sessions back at freestyle after 3 months recovery.” — Alex Lewis-Hughes

What’s with the name of the video?

Kiteboarding is like a drug. If you’re a pro kiteboarder it should be your primary drug. In my opinion, we’ve reached a tipping point in sponsorship (and society itself) where the act of whatever you are supposed to be doing (e.g. kiteboarding) has become secondary to how well you’re consuming and promoting the most addictive drug of our time – social media. If you’re a pro kiter and promoted as such you should be giving the act of kiteboarding your 100%. You should be progressing your riding personally and hopefully striving to ride in a way that others before you haven’t. You should be inspiring riders just like you to push the limits and progress the sport. — Alex Lewis-Hughes

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