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Whether you chase big or small waves, the iconic Bells Beach has some of the better and more consistent wave conditions to offer in the Victoria, Australia area. Bells is a right-hand rocky point break which will hold anything from 2-15 feet, often becoming a world-class performance wave anywhere from the 6 foot and above range. If an open face right-hand wave is what you’re looking for then this spot can give you everything you need. The water is usually a bit chilly and I typically recommend a long steamer; even if the water is a little warmer, the southerly winds tend to add the cold right back into it. Even on the coldest days, it’s hard to turn down a perfect right-hander. During summer the afternoon sea breeze usually kicks in around 20 knots with typically smaller waves on offer, around the 2-4 foot range, which means a fun session without much risk involved.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Melbourne, Tullamarine (MEL).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: Bells Beach is about an hour and 20 minutes from the airport.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: I recommend renting a car for this spot; to get the most out of this trip, driving around is a must. There is so much on offer here and without your own form of transport, you will find much of it is unreachable. You can hire a car for $21/day at Melbourne Airport.

BEST SEASON: December-January is the best kitesurfing season.

WIND RANGE: Generally averages 15-25 knots.

WATER TEMPERATURE: The water averages 61-66°F and the air hovers around 77°F.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: Stay clear of surfers, they have the right of way.

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: You can find local campsites for $28/night, all with public toilets, showers, laundry kitchen and some with power hookups. Apartments and townhouses on Airbnb start around $60-70/night, featuring double beds, showers, wifi, parking, laundry and a short walk to shops. For luxury accommodations, the RACV Hotel for $600/night features oceanview rooms, a pool, spa, restaurant and golf links.

Stonker Kite-Surfing – www.stonker.com.au
Kite Republic Shop – www.kiterepublic.com.au
Visit Melbourne – www.visitmelbourne.com


THE ONE THING EVERYONE MUST DO: Take a drive on the Great Ocean Road to see everything this spot has to offer.

WHY JAMES CAREW RECOMMENDS THIS SPOT: It’s important to get the best conditions I possibly can and Bells and the surrounding area offers some of the best conditions around. No two places are the same and if you’re looking for something a little different, or if the wind direction is just a little wrong, you can always venture around the corner and find the perfect spot. There’s always a wave firing somewhere in the area providing the wind is blowing and that is what’s most important for me.

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