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Prince Edward Island (PEI) is a hidden gem for kitesurfing. The island is filled with untouched kite spots from flat water to waves. The most popular kite beach on PEI is Malpeque Bay, known for its unique point sticking out into the bay opening up 270 degrees of potential kiteboarding onshore winds with very beginner friendly, shallow flat water riding. PEI has something for every skill level of rider and Malpeque is just the tip of the iceberg for kite spots on the island. Be sure to try the local seafood— lobster and oysters are a must, with a large number of restaurants in nearby Cavendish, or eat quite economically from the local grocery store. For those non-windy days, you can enjoy SUP/surfing, cross-country mountain biking, wakeboarding, fishing, sightseeing and plenty more.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Charlottetown (YYG).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: 45 minutes from the airport.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: Car rental is an absolute necessity on the island. PEI has so many kiteboarding beaches, it is very helpful to have a car to check it all out.

Photo James Boulding

BEST SEASON: June-September is the windy season.

WIND RANGE: The summertime southwest wind generally blows from 15-25 knots.

WATER TEMPERATURE: 64°F in the summer season with air temps ranging from the 70’s-80’s°F, but in the shoulder seasons, a full wetsuit is needed for the north breeze days.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: It’s always a good idea to speak to locals on arrival and get a sense of the local setup and current conditions. Malpeque has a small oyster bed nearby that can be dangerous for those who don’t know it is there.

Photo James Boulding

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: For the budget-minded traveler, check out Cabot Park Camping with its convenient location on the north shore near Malpeque Bay. This site offers easy access to several kite spot and nearby surfing beaches. For higher-end options, there’s the Kite View Resort (KVR) located near Malpeque Bay with single bedroom duplex cottages starting at $64/night. If you’re traveling with non-kiteboarders, you can head 20 minutes east to the Cavendish area, which is a bit more touristy while offering prime activities and stunning beaches.

The Paddle Shack – www.suppei.ca
PEI Kiteboarding – www.peikiteboarding.ca


THE ONE THING EVERYONE MUST DO: Eat the famous COWS ice cream.

WHY LUCAS ARSENAULT RECOMMENDS THIS SPOT: Prince Edward Island offers world-class kiteboarding where you would least expect it. Having grown up kiteboarding on the island, I recommend visiting the island either early or late summer. Try avoiding the middle of summer for the highest wind odds.

Photo James Boulding

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