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The Hel Peninsula consists of one of the biggest beginner-friendly lagoons in Poland. The waist-deep lagoon is over a half mile across at some points with shallow clear water, a sandy bottom, and no reefs. There’s no significant tidal changes, no sharks and a ton of space to kiteboard, all of which makes this place perfect for beginners and intermediate riders. If you go to the other side of the peninsula you can access the open Baltic Sea, where you can find fun waves for kitesurfing. This spot works in all wind directions—with north and northeast winds you need to cross the street and go to the open sea where you can find more waves. The best and most common wind direction is west, and this is clear side-shore wind from the left side. The campsite Chałupy 6 offers live concerts with the hottest Polish music artists on weekends, with stand up comedians once a week, and each year features the best Polish movie festival called Docs Against Gravity. With beachside camping, user-friendly kiteboarding and tons of events to keep you entertained, the Hel Peninsula has become one of the top European kite destinations for a good reason.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Lech Walesa Airpot in Gdansk (GDN).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: It’s one and a half hour drive to the beach.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: The best way to get to the spot from the airport is with a rental car, although you can take a train from any of the main Polish cities that drops you off in front of the camp spot. Rental cars can be had for $40-50/day.

BEST SEASON: June-August are the best months but for those diehard local kiters that don’t mind the winter time minus temperatures, it can be kited all year long. The wind here is based on weather and doesn’t have a daily thermal.

Photo Marek Ogien

WIND RANGE: 13-25 knots.

WATER TEMPERATURE: The bay side is generally between 68-85°F and the ocean ranges between 57-77°F. People often wear boardshorts or a 3/2 in Puck Bay, but in the Baltic Sea, a 3/2 or 4/3 wetsuit is recommended. We have your typical eastern Europe weather! Bring along 4/3 mm wetsuit; sometimes you can use a shorty wetsuit but not very often. Summer temperatures are between 78 to 85°F.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: Generally, respect for fellow kiters and all around safety are important; if you see the ‘red flag’ on the Baltic side then kiteboarding is not allowed.

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: You can rent a room in a private house in the closest towns for just $15/night. To get the most out of the kiteboarding culture it’s best to rent a camp spot ($80-$130/night) or a tiny house ($145-$160/night) at Chalupy 6. For a more upscale hotel room, you can check out Meridian Hotel- Place next to Chalupy 6 for $240/night.

Photo Dorata Szulc/Szulcworks

Chalupy 6 Campsite – www.chalupy6.com
Meridian Hotel – www.hotelmeridian.pl
Kite PL – www.kite.pl
Kite Crew – www.kitecrw.pl
Easy Surf – www.easy-surf.com
Go Surf Shop – Facebook.com
Hydrosfera Shop – www.hydrosfera.pl


THE ONE THING EVERYONE MUST DO: Watch the sunrise on the ocean side and score an early morning kiteboarding session on the bay side.

WHY TADEUSZ ELWART RECOMMENDS THIS SPOT: The Hel Peninsula is one of the best kiteboarding spots in Europe. With tons of great shallow water kiteboarding on the bay side and fun waves in the Baltic Sea, there’s something for every level of rider. The nightlife and fun events and activities are endless, making the Hel Peninsula one of the fastest growing European destinations.

Photo Marek Ogien

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