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Just outside of the ancient city of Marsala, famous worldwide for its delicious “Marsala” dessert wine, Lo Stagnone features a stunning, huge shallow and flat water lagoon that doubles as an unspoiled natural reserve—the perfect spot to learn and enjoy kiteboarding. The wind blows constantly from March to November and the temperatures are comfortable to enjoy the most time out on the water. The lagoon is flat and shallow which makes it really easy to learn the basics of kiteboarding or master new freestyle tricks, or just enjoy the beauty of Sicily. Sunsets are not to be missed here: sipping a glass of one of the local wines while gazing out at the shades of red and pink reflecting through the water of the salt pans, with the picturesque silhouette of windmills, is an unforgettable experience. We are happy to share our passion and local knowledge with you at Prokite Alby Rondina, a kite center which offers lessons, rentals, and accommodation right on the spot.

CLOSEST AIRPORT: Trapani (TPS) or Palermo (PMO).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: It’s 10 minutes from Trapani or one hour from Palermo.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: Shuttle service is provided both from Trapani for $33 and Palermo for $135. If you are here only for kiteboarding then a car is not needed, but if you want to explore the area’s ancient Greek temples, famous wineries, and amazing landscapes, a car rental is a must.

BEST SEASON: March-November is the windy season.

WIND RANGE: Generally, 12-35 knots the whole season. We get strong winds in spring and autumn and lighter winds in the summer.

WATER TEMPERATURE: Ranging from the mid-60s, wetsuits are needed in the shoulder seasons and since summer is very hot, boardshorts will be more than enough.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: We have a 300-foot no riding zone at the beach because the water is shallow; we must walk out to deeper water and from there you can jump on your board and explore the lagoon.

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: You can find standard hotel rooms with single and doubles which are budget-minded but still offer efficient accommodations right on the spot. For bigger groups, you can rent a standard villa and share three bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, and two bathrooms. For the most convenience, you can book accommodations at the Comfort Rooms at Prokite Hotel; this option offers a better view of the spot and a nice balcony or garden. The recently renovated Comfort Villas, offers the ultimate modern furniture and style, for families or groups of friends.

Prokite Alby Rondina – www.prokitealbyrondina.com


Eat a Cannolo Siciliano!

As far as true flat water spots in Europe, there are not that many options out there. Lo Stagnone is a massive space that even in the busiest season you can find your own spot. I would compare it to a flat water session in Egypt or Dakhla, but with the amenities of amazing food and the local Italian city culture and beach lifestyle.


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