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La Ventana has become one of the most popular winter destinations in North America for kiteboarders. Thanks to the venturi effect between the Cacachilas mountains and the offshore Island of El Cerralvo, an accelerated thermal wind makes this place windy almost every day. The big beautiful bay is filled with turquoise water with tons of space for kiters of all skill levels. People are drawn to La Ventana not only for the wind, but also for its vibrant community. It’s a relaxed town filled with active people eager to help and happy to share kite stories while having a beer after a downwinder. Be sure to bring your jacket and sunscreen; it’s a desert climate with clear skies and consistent wind, warm during the day but with a slight chill at night. You will find great restaurants and live music in various bars around town, various charity events throughout the year along with the annual La Ventana Classic kite competition in January. La Ventana’s conditions are great for beginners, strapless freestyle and now there is a kite park with sliders at the bottom of the bay. There are endless mountain bike trails for the non-windy hours and with all the community and watersports activities available during the day, it’s likely you will be struggling to stay awake past Baja midnight (9pm).

CLOSEST AIRPORT: La Paz airport (LAP) or San Jose del Cabo (SJD).

DISTANCE TO LOCATION: LAP is one hour and SJD is two hours by shuttle or car.

TRANSPORT TO LOCATION: We recommend an airport shuttle for (LAP $60/SJD $120) into La Ventana if you are staying at a hotel, but if you’re renting a house somewhere off the beaten track you will want a car.

BEST SEASON: Mid-October through mid-April.

WIND RANGE: 15-25 knots on average, with strong El Norte days hitting 35 knots.

WATER TEMPERATURE: 60°F during Dec-Feb with most using 3/2 or 4/3 wetsuits, 70°F in the shoulder seasons.

LOCAL RULES/SAFETY HAZARDS: It’s Mexico, no rules! Watch out for sea turtle nesting habitats and avoid driving at night; cows are free range and frequently cause accidents. There are some sharp reefs along the shore so depending on your launch, booties may be recommended.

LODGING RECOMMENDATIONS AND COSTS: For budget lodging there are hostels with simple single beds or bunk rooms starting at $20 per night. For medium/ middle lodging there are rooms with king size bed starting from $65. For luxury lodging there are glamping spots, luxury hotels as well as whole apartments to rent starting at $125.

Photo: Ando Flores

ChiloChill www.chilochill.com/kite-school.html
Saladita www.saladitalaventana.com
Elevation www.elevationkiteboarding.com
Evolution www.evolutionkiteboarding.com
4 Elements www.4elementskiteboarding.com
Pelican Reef https://pelicanreefventana.com/activities
Ventana Windsports www.ventanawindsports.com/activities#kiteboarding


THE ONE THING EVERYONE MUST DO: Go for a morning SUP or mountain bike one of La Ventana’s 68 amazing bike trails. There’s plenty of places offering morning yoga classes and for fish lovers, La Ventana is a perfect spot for spearfishing and sport fishing. On the occasional non-windy day you can book a hiking trip on Island Cerralvo or explore our diving or snorkeling spots.

Photo: Agata Wojtczak

WHY ADAM MICHALAK OF CHILOCHILL RECOMMENDS THIS SPOT: La Ventana is the perfect place for kiting as well as relaxing. With our consistent side-on wind direction, the bay is an easy place for everyone to learn. With no rocks, no reef, just the sandy beach, our glamping resort and kite school is ideally located in the south beach area. Chill is our motto””come visit us at our bar for a cold brew after a long day of kiting.


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