Tkb’s Spring 2019 issue unleashes the latest eye-popping imagery and mind-blowing classic kite stories into 120 pages of printed kitesurf escapism.

On the cover, photographer Andre Magarao captures the unstoppable Carlos ‘Bebe’ Mario dominating the night session with amplitude and style in the slack water of Brazil.

In this issue Reo Stevens finds kitesurf paradise in the Marshall Islands, we go behind the lines of Cabrinha to get the backstory on their graphic designer and fine arts painter Patrick Dunne and Gabi Steindl takes us on an expedition to the Solomon Islands. Then Naish’s kite division leader and head designer Damien Girardin fills us in on the state of kite design, the F-One team returns to Madagascar after 10 years to survey the terrain anew and we send our most introverted staff member to Brazil to pen an introspective article on the group dynamics and team spirit of logistics-based kite travel.

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Eight years ago, Reo Stevens stumbled upon a world-class kitesurfing destination with one giant problem; absolutely no infrastructure. Last year, the legendary Martin Daly opened an exclusive surf lodge in the Marshall Islands and handed Reo the keys.

From the open canvas of twin tip graphics to the confining process of kite screening, designing graphics for a kite company is no small feat. Behind Cabrinha’s lines you’ll find graphic designer and fine art painter Patrick Dunne living every artist’s dream.

Adventure-obsessed travel kiter Gabi Steindl dives head first into the abject simplicity of the Solomon Islands. Living in remote homestays and traveling to off-the-beaten-path beaches, Gabi explores the deepest of cultural connections in the isolated archipelago off of Papua New Guinea.

Celebrating over 14 years as kite division leader and head kite designer for Naish Kiteboarding, Damien Girardin discloses the process of designing kites and his personal attempts to inject objectivity into a sport dominated by subjectivity.

One decade later, the F-One team returns to the clay shores of Madagascar to explore the empty surf lineups of Anakao and freestyle slicks of Babaomby. While little has changed in the sleepy fishing villages, the F-One team brings radical new equipment to explore the terrain anew.

In a personal exploration of group dynamics, team spirit and logistics-based kite vacations, Tkb’s most introverted staff member embarks on an organized downwinder on the northeast coast of Brazil.

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