Sizes Available: 5’6″ x 19″ x 2 2/5″ 23.75L, 5’8″ x 19″ x 2 1/3″ 26L, 5’10” x 19.5″ x 2 1/2″ 32.4L
Sizes Tested: 5’8″ x 19″ x 2 1/3″ 26L

Slingshot Says:

Your choice for blending groveler and down the line conditions into a super fun day. It’s like a mix of your two favorite cocktails. The best parts and pieces from all the Slingshot boards, shaken together with resin. The Mixer can be used in small mushy waves, riding down the line and larger ocean swells. High performance, quad-fin carver features a double-wing rounded pin tail and quad-concave bottom. Designed to bridge the gap between the classic shortboard feel and versatility of the Celero and the high-speed, down-the-line performance of the Tyrant.

Slash to your heart’s content with the Mixer’s quad-fin configuration and tail profile, which favors a more slashy back foot feel than a locked-in carve. The aggressive quad concave bottom profile helps channel water for speed and an early plane and provides grip and a locked-in feeling when laying into turns at speed. Large carbon stringer patches on the top and bottom give the board strength where it’s needed while keeping overall weight down. Additional carbon on the tail prevents edge cracking from heel impact.

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Our Testers Say:

“Bigger board that rides like a smaller board. Surprisingly easy to ride, control and steer. Floaty, great for a bigger rider, with really good edge control.” // Kristin Vincenzo

“Good for light wind sessions, heavy solid board excellent upwind ability, locked in feel and good chop handling.” // Giuseppe Molinario

“Wide and stable, great in medium to light wind, nice wide carving and forgiving with excellent stability. Would be a great first wave board.” // Dylan Dobbyn

Meet Our Testers

Tkb Says:

The Mixer is the more playful all-arounder of the Slingshot lineup with its flatter rocker, quad concave bottom and double-winged rounded pin tail that make this board quick turning and better suited for small to medium waves and general freeriding. The first thing testers noticed was that the Mixer goes upwind really well; the extra width of the template under your front foot makes for a stable ride that feels incredibly efficient going upwind. Compared to the Celero we tested, the Mixer is a little bit more playful. It initiates turns a little easier and with its double-winged pin tail, you feel the Mixer wants to turn tighter slashy turns — just a little bit of back foot toe or heel pressure and this board goes rail to rail, making it quick and lively for smaller surf or carving it up in wind chop. In terms of the quad fin grip during turns, the Mixer still felt pretty locked in and grippy through the turns, perhaps a little looser than the Celero, yet very controlled and confidence inspiring, and not skatey at all. The flatter rocker and width makes this board feel efficient through the water, perhaps a good option for light wind sessions, or bigger riders looking for something that will give them some glide. The construction is extremely durable with some extra weight that makes pulling off strapless airs a bit more technical, but could be ideal for bigger riders looking for a board that can laugh off a good beating. Overall, the Mixer is a great freeride and casual surf weapon that is fun and playful yet controlled and predictable in a variety of conditions. The Mixer comes with five holes for selecting forward/aft strap placement, all mounted in the center with no duck options. The deckpad’s diamond pattern got solid reviews for its extra grippy texture and solid balance between comfort and density for input into the board. Compared to the Celero, the kick stop is a bit wider on this board and substantial for keeping your foot on the board at all times.

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